Magical Words Link Roundup 4-19-2017


“Never was there a tale of more sad // Than that of Hamlet and his spooky dad.”

Here’s a bit of free advice for new writers that’s worth considerably more than you paid for it.

Twitter is talking about things only women writers hear, and things only women writers of color hear.

“Life as a professional writer is financially depressing, and I’ve often been advised to self-publish. Here’s why I won’t do it.”

Volunteers, Professionals, and Who Gets to Have Fun at Cons: another thought prompted by the recent unpleasantness surrounding OdysseyCon.

There’s nothing more frustrating than an ambiguous ending after a great movie.

On Monday, the American Library Association released its annual report of the most-challenged books and articles nationwide.

Bad movies are easy to laugh at and subsequently ignore. Bad movie series, on the other hand, make you question whether or not this whole Hollywood thing was such a solid plan.

The Lost Citadel Talent Search is officially open!


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