Magical Words Link Roundup 4-18-2017


Yes, it’s that special day, when the post office will be slammed from open to close, and many of us will be desperately scrambling at 11: 55 pm to try and finish that last bit of math. (Well, not me – we managed to finish our taxes over the weekend, so yippee!)

It’s the evocation of a mysterious elsewhere in language as weird and lovely as its subject. Language is the magic system.

If you give them a taste of the story and your style, they will be more apt to buy your book, rather than if you just drone on and on about your author life and why you wrote the darn thing in the first place.

The good people at the OED had a little tie-in to announce: “sonic screwdriver,” the Doctor’s multipurpose magic tool, is getting its own entry.

Judith Tarr says, “All I remembered of C.S. Lewis’ The Horse and His Boy before yesterday when I sat down and read it again was the part about the horse teaching the boy how to ride.”

Tor had an interview with Sherrilyn Kenyon, guest of honor for ConCarolinas 2017.

In the Hugo’s early days, there were fewer fiction categories, and there were years when no awards ceremonies were held. Alfred Bester was the first writer to win a Hugo in 1953, and there was only one writing category that year: best novel. Between 1953 and 1959 (and not counting retro Hugos), a dozen awards were given; all of the winners were men.

Is anyone going to say “Whelp, I was going to hit up a room party, drink like Bacchus, and compare various forms of magic and demons to one another, but now that someone I don’t know has yelled Bible verses at me through a megaphone I think I’m going to church instead?” No.

The Toast presents things I’ve learned about heterosexual female desire from decades of reading.


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