Magical Words Link Roundup 4-13-2017


I was invited to be the first guest DM on the someday-award-winning podcast Authors&Dragons. If you didn’t get a chance to listen, here’s my first episode and the followup. I’m not sure who had more fun – them or me – so you’ll need to listen and decide for yourself!

When we are guests at cons, we might be having a good time, but we are also working.

Who among us has taken the time – let alone achieved the erudition – to construct an entire brand-new language for our fantasy setting? The closest most of us have come is to invent a few words here and there. How then to come up with convincing names for characters and locations?

People are people–how much of a difference does a couple hundred of years make? A lot–and less than you might think.

Why doesn’t my book look like the other popular books in my genre?

As readers, the idea of our favorite books being turned into film and television production frightens us and excites us. It’s scary because so many things can go wrong that could result in – gasp! – an unfaithful adaptation. Yet that doesn’t stop us from being excited because we get to re-experience the stories we love.

Immortality is a constant theme in SF, but what style of immortality?

John Scalzi said, “My haters generally break down into three categories.”

After a contentious two years owing to the Sad/Rapid Puppies dispute, last week’s announcement of the 2017 Hugo Award nominees was received with acclaim.

Green Ronin Publishing recently put out an open call for female game designers for a specific project. I used to be one of the Ronin, and I was proud to see them doing something that everyone should have been doing years ago: forcing the issue to give women more of a chance to be game designers. The outcry was immediate and vitriolic

And if you want to submit to the competition…here you go!

Update: Now that we’re one week out from the launch of our Lost Citadel Talent Search, we’ve been getting queries about what sort of vibe the setting has and what stories set in the world of Redoubt tend to read like and to focus on.


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