Magical Words Link Roundup 4-12-2017


If you aren’t already aware, Monica Valentinelli withdrew from her GoH appearance at Odysseycon because they made a serial harasser their Guest Liaison. Read below for the full story:

Monica Valentinelli said, “I am posting this today, as a public notice of my withdrawal as the gaming/literary guest of honor from Odyssey Con in Madison, Wisconsin. I feel I owe it to my readers and players to address the reason why I am withdrawing, and hope that this serves as a lesson for other women who find themselves in my position.”

Kelly McCullough says,”Jim has no business being a guest liaison for any convention. Full stop.”

Knowledge of Frenkel’s history is widespread in the SF/F field. He lost his job with Tor Books shortly after the 2013 incident. He was banned for life from Wiscon. Hell, some of this stuff is on his freaking Wikipedia page. In other words, there’s no way Odyssey Con was unaware of this history. But they still chose to allow Frenkel to serve as their Guest Liaison.

Michael Damian Thomas says, “My pro hat is off and my fannish beanie is on.”

Odyssey Con, what the actual f$#k are you thinking? ARE you thinking?

K Tempest Bradford talks about OdysseyCon and why serial harassers are safe in our community.

As has become the norm in recent years, it seems as though con organizers handled a situation badly, which snowballed into reactions of condemnation and dismay from the community.

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Robyn Bennis says I firmly believe that all good writing advice is generalized to the point of uselessness by its third retelling.

Whitewashing is a concept that has been around for quite literally decades, especially from the early days of film. Simply put: whitewashing means to cast a white actor to play a role that is traditionally, historically, and/or written for a person of color, essentially erasing the poc perspective and experience from the role in favor of a white actor.

The Fallacy of Agency: on Power, Community, and Erasure

Whether it be for plot or characters, you won’t be forgetting these unique science fiction or horror reads anytime soon.

I spent a couple of hours last week editing author bios for a con program. I didn’t kill anyone…

You know those notes, plans, and carefully woven plotlines? Get them all together in one place and throw them right out the window.

Spend any time at all on the Bravo TV channel, you’ll probably stumble on a Real Housewives episode…With that in mind, I’d like to suggest Andy Cohen consider a new arm of this successful franchise: Real Authors.


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