Magical Words Link Roundup 3-8-2017


“Nevertheless She Persisted” has become a galvanizing cry for people of all genders in recognition of the struggles that women have faced throughout history. This sci-fi/fantasy flash fiction collection features sharing unique visions of women inventing, playing, loving, surviving, and – of course – dreaming of themselves beyond their circumstances.

Thirsty for a sci-fi or fantasy vampire tale? These books are sure to quench your craving. (And guess which Magical Words pal is on the list?)

If the path walked by the Acceptable Woman is, by design, a narrow one, then the path walked by the Badass Woman is a tightrope.

I realize the world of publishing is a bit of a mystery to those not immersed in it, but honestly, folks, authors have very little say in what happens once they type “The End.”

Almost ten years after Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull hit theaters and after years of promises and rumors and dead-ends, it’s official: Dr. Henry “Indiana” Jones, the two-fisted archaeologist with a thing for punching Nazis and recovering ancient artifacts, is returning for a fifth film due out in a little over two years.

It turns out President Trump is good for business — and not just those companies sending the Dow Jones into record-busting territory. He’s also been an unlikely boon for a liberal bookstore in one of the most liberal neighborhoods in one of the most liberal cities in the country.

Theodora Goss shares the way a lot of us feel about social media these days – it isn’t quite as fun when you worry that you’re staring into a possible dystopian abyss.

Want to get into RPG games? Here are six suggestions for beginners. And I’ve been an RPGer for decades, but I want to play all of these, so call me when you want to play.

Speaking of playing, do not fall asleep during a game.


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