Magical Words Link Roundup 3-6-2017


A series of instincts, thousands of tiny adjustments, hundreds of drafts … What is the mysterious process writers go through to get an idea on to the page?

Emma Newman suggests four fun things to do with an asteroid (that don’t involve destroying the planet.)

Beta readers help authors find the problems in their books before it’s too late—the types of issues that can make the difference between bestsellers and poor sellers.

Sometimes jealousy makes fools of us all. And we have to apologize for what we do in its name.

ScreenRant presents the 15 best spaceship crews in science fiction history. Do you agree?

Jenny Bravo shares ten crazy realities about writing a sequel.

It can be easy to dismiss issues of representation in the abstract. But as one video shows, there’s nothing abstract about it.

Need a good read? Barnes and Noble has a few new books that might fit the bill.

In 30 years, the singularity will happen and artificial intelligence in all the smart devices and robots will exceed human intelligence.

Disney decided to go back to the well for a fifth time with Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. I can’t help being excited about this.

Winter is often seen as the dark and unwelcome season, and understandably so—if you live far enough from the equator it can mean longer nights, cold temperatures, icy conditions, grey gardens and leafless trees.

And last for today, the 25 things people do to be nice (that aren’t nice at all.)


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