Magical Words Link Roundup 3-21-2017


Tomorrow night (Wed, March 22) at 7 pm, come and join us at Park Road Books for a group signing of Cinched! John Hartness, Gail Martin, Misty Massey and more! We hope we see you there!

This blog is for you if:
You are an unpublished writer of fantasy fiction
You take your writing work seriously
You are aiming for traditional publishing, not self-publishing.

There’s something both unsettling and compelling about a story set in a slightly different version of the present day. It’s that sense of things being inherently altered, which makes even the most familiar elements ever-so-slightly — or more than slightly — alien.

Hans Hirschi said, “When I wrote about my frustrations last week, nothing was further from my mind than reviews, yet it’s all people talk about.”

So, you’ve attended a critique group and need to know what to do with the feedback. First, and foremost, keep writing.

Compelling Science Fiction editor Joe Stech says they’re once again open for submissions. He’s looking for stories to include in issue 7 (and beyond). The submissions window will remain open until 11:59pm MDT on June 1st, 2017.

io9 celebrates the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda by looking back at their most-loved instances from the long-running series.

Sometimes it’s fun to imagine what some science fiction or fantasy settings would look like in the real world.


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