Magical Words Link Roundup 3-16-2017


Horror is related to Science Fiction and Fantasy. Yes, it’s its own entity, but it’s related via Surrealism. Sometimes they’re so closely related that it’s difficult to separate one from the other.

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Nebula Award-winning science fiction writer Nnedi Okorafor wrote a book in 2007 called The Shadow Speaker. The story followed its protagonist ― a Muslim girl named Ejii, who the author described as “black skinned” ― through Niger in 2070. So Okorafor was understandably unhappy when her publisher suggested putting a white woman on the book’s cover.

There’s a scene near the middle of The Emperor’s Blades in which a class of Kettral cadets, ultra-elite warriors who fly massive hawks into battle, are undergoing their final test: Hull’s Trial. People who have read the book ask about this scene a lot, and about Kettral training more generally. They want to know if I’ve served in the military – I haven’t – and then they want to know where in the hell all the training material comes from. The answer (aside from lots and lots of reading about military training) is adventure racing.

Ann Leckie said, “So, the other day–nearly a week ago–I was in one of those situations where I was asked a question that really needed a long answer, but I didn’t have unlimited time in which to do so.”

Here’s an activity I highly recommend for science fiction writers (or anyone, really): watch your favorite funny YouTube video with someone from another country. It’s got to be your very favorite, the one that rendered you into a weeping, stomach-aching mess. And you can’t share it by sending a link along into the ether. You’ve got to be with the person. You’ve got to be close enough to catch every muscle twitch, every batted lash. One of two things will happen.

As part of the promotion for the upcoming live-action Ghost in the Shell, a new “I am Major” website was launched that allowed folks to upload their own photos and enter their own text. It’s damn perfect troll fodder.

Every once in a blood moon, we come across questions so utterly bleak that (for the benefit of our psyche) they should probably be left alone. Questions that don’t simply shatter your image of beloved characters, but possibly also your mind. Questions no sane website would dare to publish.

She woke up like she did every day: slowly pulling her motorcycle helmet off, then shaking her head slowly back and forth to reveal a long, blonde ponytail. Everyone gasped. “That’s right,” she said, kicking the winning football goal before sliding into a sheer, sexy camisole under a blazer and playing as hard as she worked, “I’ve been a girl this whole time.”

Another day, another article supposedly assessing the cutting edge of Science Fiction written over the decades. Citing twenty five authors. All men.

It’s difficult to have a conversation with someone about books when that someone is sticking a large needle into the muscle that surrounds your left eye. But each time I see my neurologist, he wants to talk literature.


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