Magical Words Link Roundup 3-15-2017


You’ve got a month left before National I’m-Freaking-Out-What-Time-Does-The-Post-Office-Close Day. Just figured I’d remind you.

Michi Trota talks about finding yourself in fandom.

Hey, Internet, Joe Biden has chosen his favorite Obama bromance meme.

Why are shy people such as E.B. White, J.K. Rowling, and Joan Didion drawn to writing as a career? Are shy authors more likely to grasp ‘the nature and beauty of brevity’?

Back in 2012, astronomers spotted a perplexing isolated object in our galactic neighbourhood – an object more massive than Jupiter, that looked very much like one of the closest rogue planets we’d ever found. The only problem was, it wasn’t like any rogue planet we’d previously seen.

The horse in song and story, not to mention in film, sometimes bears only a tangential resemblance to the animal on the hoof.

All writers are asked where their ideas come from. For William Meikle, it starts with the drift.

One of the reasons why Hidden Figures is so interesting is because of power. It’s a film about racism (and sexism) in science, and how hierarchies of power are constructed (and maintained) that act in ways both explicit and subtle to deny people access to information, credit for their achievements, and equal dignity as humans.

If you don’t know how to use grammar, or if you can’t spell or punctuate properly…if you don’t know how to use the basic tools, then I’m sorry but you have no business claiming to be a writer.

Jami Attenburg talks about how working in a bookstore changed her writing career.


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