Magical Words Link Roundup 3-13-2017


Smashwords offers a few 2017 book industry predictions.

While even diligent research can’t ensure you’ll avoid every possible problem, here are some questions to ask before you accept a traditional publishing deal.

When Neil Gaiman’s American Gods comes to television next month, it’s going to look a little different than fans of the book remember — and its creators hope they’ll take away a subtle political message alongside the myths and magic.

Lots of novels…deal with fairies. The first stories we hear are usually fairy tales of some sort, whether involving actual fairies or merely set in a world where they’re possible. But fairies aren’t just relegated to fiction; in many places their reality is accepted just like guitars and the internet.

Writing is a business. Once we actually get paid more than $400 for our work, we are considered self-employed (or as the IRS likes to say, a Sole Proprietor). Wonder what that means to you?

South by Southwest, the Austin-based tech and entertainment expo, is known for hosting some experimental TV promos. But none of those compare to the uncanny valley insanity that is whatever’s going on for The Handmaid’s Tale.

Speaking of that, Margaret Atwood talks about what ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ means in the age of Trump.

Round 2 of the Unbound Worlds Cage Match is live! Go vote!


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