Magical Words Link Roundup 2-23-2017


Lucienne Diver is interviewed about her story in Trials! And here’s a Faith Hunter snippet to tempt you…

V E Schwab talks about writing fantasy that lights up the world.

What do Ranting Dragon, A Dribble Of Ink, Staffer’s Book Review, SF Signal and Fantasy Review Barn have in common? They were all fantastic SFF blogs that have shut down over the course of the past few years.

You may not know who astronauts Scott Kelly and Mark Kelly are by just their names, but they may change the future of spaceflight.

There’s a lot of bellyaching going on about how liberal Hollywood is — which is weird, since that sort of mentality doesn’t seem to translate to films. Because for as progressive as we like to imagine Tinsel Town is, the movies they put out show us a different, more depressing story.

During a quarterly call with investors on Wednesday, Elon Musk said the factory that makes his all-electric Tesla vehicles will be far more important than the cars themselves, thanks to cutting-edge increases in automation and manufacturing technology.

Gail Martin talks about the differences between hoodoo and voodoo.

There’s a reason Syfy’s thrilling series The Expanse has collectively won our space geek hearts.

There are reasons some novels remain trunked even after a writer finally scores success.

Trolls…what were these ancient elemental beings that were bound to the land only to fight and fall against the civilizing press of humanity? Why have they fascinated so many?

Novelist and puppeteer Mary Robinette Kowal hosted a Reddit AMA.

On Tuesday, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America released its nominees for the 2016 Nebula Awards. Not everyone is pleased with the lineup.

And John Scalzi has some thoughts about that.


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