Magical Words Link Roundup 2-14-2017


Happy Valentine’s Day! And if you didn’t already know, love can be pretty great, but mostly it’s complicated and gross.

At times of global threat, a team of scholars working to protect the planet from existential threats meet to assess the biggest threats facing Earth and what can be done to save civilization from the impending apocalypse.

Science fiction movies have been fascinated with Mars for decades—giving rise to big-screen portrayals of the Red Planet that are often fantastic, insane, and sometimes ridiculously fun. And so, so wrong.

Jaym Gates is gauging interest in a speculative fiction anthology titled Nevertheless, She Persisted.

The BBC takes a look at early space program history, when the shrinks had some bizarre ideas about what would make a great astronaut.

If you think little old ladies are made of sweetness and light, clearly you never watched even one minute of The Golden Girls.

People, people, people…they said very clearly that we were not supposed to attempt a landing at Europa.

Tell your special someone you love them to the Wall and back with these Game of Thrones Valentine’s cards!

A couple decades and a few art movements down the road from steampunk lies the world of decopunk. Drawing from the sleek, streamlined, futuristic aesthetic of the art deco movement, decopunk takes the glitz and glamor of the Roaring ’20s in science-fictional directions.

Librarians are protesting Trump’s executive orders.


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