Magical Words Link Roundup 12-13-2016


Dungeons & Dragons has historically used attractive monsters, and especially of the female persuasion, to appeal to potential players…With recent editions and supplements, D&D has phased out its bare-breasted female monsters and included more sexy male ones, making it clear that the game is going in a different direction.

Faith, of course, is a very tricky thing to discuss. When I think about faith in the context of a movie like Arrival, I’m not drawing on the binary discussion “do you or do you not believe in God?”

Worldbuilders is offering a super-cool, handmade leather journal in which a bunch of the authors at the GenCon Writers Symposium added their own installments to an ongoing, collaborative story. And you can bid to win it!

Eric Flint says no literary award will or can please everybody.

Are you writing a world-shattering thriller? Need some help figuring out the disaster plan for your characters to follow? Here are a few that actually exist.

2016 was not the best year for much of anybody. But at least we had J K Rowling on Twitter to keep us from utter despair.



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