Magical Words Link Roundup 11-7-2016


Barnes & Noble offers up a list of the top 25 cats in SFF.

Rachel Neumeier answers the cat list with her list of top ten dogs in SFF.

SciFi Addicts talks about character building in radically different worlds.

Is Cthulhu waking up? Should we start running and screaming now?

WagtheFox interviews our favorite fairy princess, Alethea Kontis, about her newest book, Haven, Kansas.

Don’t forget, the deadline for open submissions to the Zombies Need Brains anthologies Submerged, The Death of All Things and All Hail Our Robot Conquerors is December 31 2016.

Janet Walden-West hosts our own John Hartness on her blog to begin a month-long discussion of writers, gun culture, and how and why we portray violence.

Someone better warn Tokyo…it’s StrawZilla!


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