Magical Words Link Roundup 11-4-2016


Over seven seasons of The Walking Dead and two of Fear, there’s never been an in-depth explanation of how the zombie outbreak took hold — until now.

So you know that the spice must flow, but what don’t you know about Dune?

“Fiction often provides us with scenarios in which the chance to “get out” of the current paradigm becomes a very literal prospect. But the act of opting out is never a painless one.”

Kai Ashante Wilson offers the POC Guide to Writing Dialect in Fiction.

The Dark Tower movie is moving from a February release to the summer of 2017. Not a huge deal, in the grand scheme of things. I mostly just included this because of the freaking gorgeous picture of Idris Elba (my boyfriend!) as Roland.

The 1970s produced some of the freakiest movies ever made. Here are 30 for you to try.

“Being one of the oldest countries in the world, [Iraq]’s not going anywhere anytime soon.
But what will that future look like?”

And for those of you starting your holiday shopping early, here are some gift suggestions for the Game of Thrones lovers in your life.


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