Magical Words Link Roundup 11-28-2016


Barnes & Noble highlights five real disasters that writers have used to generate fantastical stories.

Mindy Mymudes talks about when a writer isn’t.

So you’ve been told you need to start a newsletter, but what do your readers want to hear from you? What might be interesting? What do you put in a newsletter at all? Here are a few suggestions.

To those who have said “wait and see” about the results of the election, Cat Rambo says she has seen enough events and phenomena to feel that she is sufficiently prepared to venture an opinion on the results of the election.

Adam-Troy Castro has a thought about awards.

You’d think authors would be happy with fast response times because it means they can submit their stories somewhere else. But it turns out some authors hate a quick no.

Four famous things that famous authors never said. Oops.

Fair winds, Ron Glass.


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