Magical Words Link Roundup 10-31-2016


Happy Halloween, y’all!

Once Upon a Tale: What Fairy Tales and Horror Movies Have In Common.

Congratulations to all the World Fantasy Award winners!

Whether you pledge or just take a look and smile, I still want you to take a look at Zoe Quinn’s Kickstarter for Project Tingler [True Name Concealed Until Release to Protect From Dark Magics], a brilliant blend of classic adventure games, dating sims, and the world of Amazon Kindle Sensation and Hugo Award Nominee Chuck Tingle.

Here’s a free Halloween story from Cat Rambo – enjoy!

Tomorrow is the first day of National Novel Writing Month. Never heard of it? It’s a seat-of-your-pants creative writing event. Sign up and then do your best to put 50K words on paper before the last day of November. Have fun!

It’s the 50th anniversary of The Great Pumpkin!

Have you been wondering if the incredible house you just found for a third of the expected price might be haunted? Ever wondered if anyone had been murdered before you moved in? Maybe you can find out on Housecreep!

Soylent Green may be people, but ordinary Soylent is sickening.

I love to watch scary movies. They’re far less frightening than real life.


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