Magical Words Link Roundup 10-3-2016


It’s October already, and that means cooler temps, fresh apples in the stores, and the Carolina Renaissance Festival. It’s running every weekend from now until just before Thanksgiving. I hope you’ll come out November 12 and 13, for the Time Traveller’s Weekend. I’ll be there signing books and visiting with fans, along with a passel of other wonderful writers.

A J Hartley’s interview with Airship Ambassador concludes here.

Ever wondered what the rules are for using trademarked product names in your fiction?

Have you heard the news about Elon Musk planning trips to Mars? Andy Weir, author of The Martian, has some thoughts on the subject.

You’ve probably heard some of us speak about the terror of waiting until we get to see our book covers. Good Show Sir tells you why.

If you ever wondered why your local con never brings in a media guest more well-known than “Zombie #3” or “Flannel-shirted space station sweeper”, this article might explain the problem. It’s not that popular stars charge too much, but that the cons are contractually obligated to cover the difference if the stars don’t pull in the amount they want.


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  • Chris Branch

    Hi Misty, I’m pretty sure it’s you writing these link roundup posts, but from what I can see, that’s not actually indicated anywhere. In my Feedly feed, it shows up as being posted by “admin”. Visiting the site with Safari on iPhone, I don’t even see that. Not a big deal of course, but since you say things like “I’ll be there signing books…”, I thought I should mention that it’s not clear who “I” is…

  • admin

    Curses! You’ve caught me redhanded! But thanks for bringing it to my attention that I need to point out who I’m talking about when I say “I”. 😀