Magical Words Link Roundup 1-3-2017


Are you planning to attend ConCarolinas? Memberships go up tomorrow – buy your badge today!

Cohesion Press is sponsoring an open call for their anthology of post-apocalyptic military horror, SNAFU: Judgement Day!

And Weirdbook Magazine will be accepting submissions for its themed annual beginning April 1st.

io9 invites you to greet the new year with some fantastic new books!

Pat Cadigan says, “Every day is Anything-Can-Happen Day until further notice.”

The fantasy section of bookstores exists for our convenience, but it pays to wander outside of it every now and then. Here are five fantasy books you won’t find in the fantasy section.

Diana Pharaoh Francis says, “I’m not saying that self-editing is bad. It’s not. It’s just we often do it while writing and that’s when it’s evil.”

Fantasy Faction suggests three real-world ways you can explore the realm of potions, poisons, remedies and alchemy.

Not sure weird westerns are your thing? John Joseph Adams asks the contributors to the Dead Man’s Hand anthology to tell a little bit about their favorite examples of the weird west.

lawless-lands-cover-draft-7Speaking of weird westerns, have you backed Lawless Lands yet?


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