Magical Words Link Roundup 1-26-2017


Many of us have been been dealing with well-meaning readers who insist we’re risking our careers by talking about politics on our blogs or social media. Chuck Wendig responds perfectly. offers five books that make living and working in space seem ordinary.

Are you a horror writer who dreams of seeing their work in print? Are you willing to perform challenges to win a book contract? Do you have at least one horror novel to pitch? Then you might be the NEXT GREAT HORROR WRITER!

Kameron Hurley talks about writing and disappointment.

The question most important to good science fiction isn’t “What if?” but “What then?” In Charlie McDowell’s The Discovery that question is what if we knew the afterlife was real?

The entire Hollywood economy depends on you wanting to buy a bunch of stuff bearing the logo of the last movie you liked. Does it matter if that merchandise has nothing to do with the movie, or even openly mocks all that the characters believed in?

Universal has bought Michael Bay’s new future dystopia project Little America. The movie is apparently set the near-future where a Trump-like president has bankrupted the country, China has called in its debts, and Americans are migrating to China looking for work.

Jake Bible’s Z-Burbia is available as a limited edition. But not for long…

They’re having a party! Come celebrate the launch of the new Sherlock Holmes anthology from Mocha Memoirs Press, Curious Incidents: More Improbable Adventures.


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