Magical Words Link Roundup 1-24-2017


Ari Marmell says, “Before Mick Oberon, before Widdershins, before THE GOBLIN CORPS, there was Corvis Rebaine.”

So many stories of leaving Earth to establish new homes on distant planets don’t consider what happens when we reach the fringes of our new territory—when distant space stations, and little else, mark the edges of human expansion.

Illogicon recorded many of the author readings, and we’re happy to share them with you!
Daniel Jose Older
Gail Z Martin
Tera Fulbright
Mur Lafferty
Natania Barron
Darrin Kennedy
And that’s just a few! If you want to enjoy the whole playlist, here you go!

Speculative fiction has often concerned itself with breaking barriers and exploring issues of race, inequality, and injustice.

In his opening keynote at the 2017 ALA Midwinter Meeting in Atlanta, W. Kamau Bell made a plea to librarians: don’t let Trump’s vision of America become the new normal.

What’s better? To be a jack of all trades or to specialize in a particular skill?

Quincy Allen says, “On Friday night, the first night of the convention [COSine 2017], my first panel was entitled Multi-Culturalism in Steampunk. So, a friend of mine who attended that panel took a picture when we first started. The image below prompted a rather interesting—dare I say impassioned—dialogue on Facebook among several of my peers. The question immediately raised by one of them was “Why is it all straight white guys?

Myke Cole is a former military officer who has worked in counterterrorism and law enforcement. He’s a published author. He’s also a reality TV star: he’s a featured member of the cast of CBS’ new series Hunted, in which fugitives attempting to live under the radar and off the grid attempt to evade a group of bounty hunters.

Time travel is an enduring concept in fiction. Part of the reason is that it can provide all sorts of narrative opportunities.

David B Coe says, “If you have the opportunity to attend a workshop or a retreat, or even a larger writers’ conference, I recommend that you do so. You won’t be sorry.
But what is the experience like from the other side?”

It’s 2017, and “1984” is on the Amazon best sellers list. And A Handmaid’s Tale is not far behind it.


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