Magical Words Link Roundup 09-04-2016


It’s October, the month of scary things! In honor of that, we bring you the 40 Scariest Books of the Last 200 Years! If your favorite scary book isn’t in the list, feel free to share the title in the comments.

Are you writing something that takes place in the real world but need your own fictional town? Rachel Aaron offers you a tutorial for using Google Maps to help with your town-building.

Andrea Judy talks about the difference between conventions and conferences, and what writers can gain from each.

From Hollywood to Santa Cruz to Tahoe, Strange California brings to life tales inspired by the complex mythologies of California.

Myke Cole tells us What PTSD Is.

The World Science Fiction Society has decided to add a category for Best Series to the annual Hugo Awards. Sharon Lee has some thoughts about it.

If you have a favorite author you’ve always hoped would attend ConCarolinas, ask them to fill out the application for 2017 – it’s open now! (And hey, we can always use enthusiastic volunteers, so if you want to earn yourself a free badge, there’s an app for that.)



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