Writing — It’s Fun!


We forget sometimes.  It’s easy to do.  With all the fears trembling inside — Am I any good at this?  Should I do something else?  Can I do something else?  Can I actually call myself a writer?  With all the fears weighing overhead — Is my query any good?  Will I get an agent?  Why is it taking so long to hear back?  Should I just throw in the towel and self-publish?  If I self-publish, am I any good at this?  With all the fears attacking from all sides — Should I listen to my parents and quit this delusion?  Should I listen to that blog that says I don’t need an agent?  Or how about that one that says I must have an agent?  What about that review that said my story is mediocre?  What about those friends who wonder after all these years if I’m any good at this?  All these fears make it so easy to forget —

This is supposed to be fun.

Remember?  That’s why you started in the first place.  There’s a rush you get when you write a story, when you create something, when you breathe life into words on a page.  It’s a rush when you finish a story, when a scene goes just how you wanted it, when a turn of phrase stops you in amazement — Did I just write that? you wonder.

Yes, writing is work at times.  Yes, the writing business is hard.  There’s a steep learning curve to getting published and then there’s a lot of luck.  And even those of us who have been published before faced countless rejections in the past and face countless more in the future.

But you didn’t start writing because of any of that.  You got into this mess because it’s fun.  Because the idea of creating a book and not just reading one, thrills you.  Because having just one person read your work and finding out that one person liked your story, perhaps was moved by it, that’s the gravy you seek.

Today, while you fret away about a writing career or get angry at yourself for not hitting your word count or torture yourself with any of the myriad of other writing problems you can dream up — stop.  Take a long breath.  Find that joy once again.  And remember —

Writing is fun!


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  • Yes, it is. But a good reminder as I battle through these rewrites!

  • Thank you, Stuart. I needed to hear that today.

  • Fun? Oh! FUN! Yeah, I remember that concept! (looks around at disordered desk and piles of (reems of) paper. (muses) Fun… Yeah…

    I needed to hear that. I’m in the middle of rewrite hell, trying to restructure the entire first third of my next Jane Yellowrock novel, writing a new first chapter and pulling parts of other chatpers up front and having to rewrite the chapters I’m stealing from. But you know, even with the current, structural issues, I love this. I love it because this novel will be better and stronger and leaner and cleaner when I am done. I love making that happen. And it will have been fun. Diving in now. Thanks!

  • Perfect timing for a fantastic post! Thanks!!

  • Seems like a lot of people are going through a summer slog. And, of course, so am I — which is why I wrote this post in the first place. So let’s all say it again together — This Is Fun! 🙂

  • Yes. It is fun.

    And also a deeply personal and inescapable need.

    I write not just because it’s fun, but because I can’t not write. Writing is like eating and breathing.

  • No, it’s not. Writing sucks. Writing rips your heart out of your chest, tosses it on a linoleum floor, and then stomps on it with baseball cleats. Writing is hell. Writing is torture. Writing . . .

    Yeah, all right, writing is fun. And that paragraph was kind of fun to write….

  • Thank you, Stuart. I’m in the middle of edits before hopefully *fingers crossed* being able to send it out, and some of the changes I have to make are hard. I needed to hear that, too.

    I know I’ve said this before, but I *am* grateful for having an in-person writing group that spends time writing together. It’s an useful mix of social and productive energy. It helps me keep things fun, even when I’m not having it otherwise.

    Also, I’ve been typing up and sharing my notes from ConCarolinas in my blog, and today I reached the notes from the “Should I Quit My Day Job” panel. It was great to be reminded of how much fun I had that weekend, and of the wonderful energy I brought home with me.

  • What a great post !!!!!! Yes… at the end of the day it IS fun and thats why we relish in it … Something interesting happened to me the other day that made me realize this exact thing. When my husband is finished with his work, he must find “outside” fun … on the other hand, for me, my day to day work IS fun.

    Thanks for writing this post,

    duby 🙂

  • “Find that joy again.” Yup – I think that was one of the harder things I had to learn, but also one of the best. BIC means working through the dry spots and the cranky days and the horrendous plot holes that make me feel like a failure. But the reward is that the joy comes back and the work becomes fun again. I used to get crushes on my work and when the crush faded I thought the relationship was over. Now, I’m discovering the fun of having a long term affair with a story.

  • First – Stuart, thanks for 10 Bits. It helped me forget I was in a surgical waiting room/hospital. You have no idea how much help that was! And the stories were really good, too.

    Second – What David said about writing: “Writing rips your heart out of your chest, tosses it on a linoleum floor, and then stomps on it with baseball cleats. Writing is hell. Writing is torture,” is true, too. And maybe a part of the fun. There’s no denying that writers are a strange, non-normal breed of humanity. We have a ~need~ to bare our souls for others’ consumption and judgment. We think thoughts others can’t conceive and we weave them into tales that wouldn’t exist otherwise.
    And, to us, all of this is fun. Face it, we’re weird!

  • Lyn — I’m so glad you enjoyed my stories. Just hearing a little comment like that is another way to remind a writer how fun writing is — because in the end, you can get somebody to read it and, hopefully, enjoy it! Feel free to spread the word. 😉

  • Of course it’s fun. Where else could you put people through horrendous psychological torment, shower them with physical abuse, and not to prison. What we do to our characters is insidiously wonderful. Hmmm…. what nastiness will I derive today?

    Oh, come, there’s a little sadist in all of us, isn’t there?

    Anyways, back to it’s fun. Yep, fun stuff. Cheers, NGD

  • mudepoz

    “No, it’s not. Writing sucks. Writing rips your heart out of your chest, tosses it on a linoleum floor, and then stomps on it with baseball cleats. Writing is hell. Writing is torture. Writing . . .

    Yeah, all right, writing is fun. And that paragraph was kind of fun to write….”

    Sadist? *Scurries back to corner where it is cool. My greenhouses are not. My article based around Stonehenges On the Dog is NOT fun. IF the pay was poor, I wouldn’t be doing it. Fantasy, however…
    Yeah, that is fun. No matter if I spend a lot of time making paper wads to toss at my dogs. They like that.

  • mudepoz

    No, masochist, was supposed to be the second part of the first line. *Heat exhaustion*

  • Writing is fun. It’s NOT writing that sucks a big bag of rocks.

  • Razziecat

    Oh my, I needed to read that! Yes, it is fun and necessary and torture and craziness all in one. Yes!

  • pepperthorn

    Thanks, I needed that! It’s so easy to get caught up in the WORK of doing what we love that it’s easy to for get that we are, as Joseph Campbell said, ” following our bliss.”