WE NEED SOME ROCK STARS UP IN HERE. (or why be normal? you’re a writer fer pete’s sake)


I’m back!

Here at ye olde Magical Words where the water’s fine and life is easy. Missed y’all.

So lately I have just discovered that Craig Ferguson exists in the world. Now I’m not a late night talk show fan but I am a youtuber and based on the weird stuff I watch youtube (or the all seeing eye of Ra) kept suggesting I watch Craig Ferguson clips. Well I withstood that pressure for months until one day I said “screw it” and watched his interview with Krysten Ritter from Don’t Trust The B In Apt 23 cause I watched that show on netflix and actually laughed out loud.

You know what I discovered?

Craig Ferguson is a honey-badger.

Craig Ferguson don’t give a crap if you watch his show or what the studio wants or what his guests might be trying to promote. He just does what he does, poking fun at himself and his guests and his audience and everyone.

And it’s magical.

It made me think about this writing gig. Now I’m a pretty free-wheeling kinda guy. Don’t care much what people think. Seriously, come to a panel I’m on and you will see. And my author persona is really just the way I am in real life except I’m a little more ‘on’….like being in public is me with an espresso enema.

But I meet a lot of authors, especially the new ones, who try to be “professional” in their public appearances….. well professional is showing up on time and meeting your obligations like deadlines….after that screw it. You’re a creative person, an artist, roll with that and be yourself! Be as weird and wacky and over the top as you want to be. Trust me, your readers will like that wayyyyyy more than you trying to keep a homogenized mask of yourself in place.


And life is short. Do what you want. Make yourself happy. You wrote a book! People WANT to see YOU! They want you to be different from them, to be the kind of person who writes about pirates in space looking for the fingerbone of Santa Muerte, the patron saint of death.

Or whatever you write about.  That’s my story so hands off, bub!


As for what I’ve been doing: I’m furiously working on book one of the CHAMPIONS OF HOLLOW EARTH series out from Pro Se hopefully in time for Con Carolinas and also working furiously cowriting ROBIN HOOD: MARK OF THE BLACK ARROW book one with Debbie Viguie which will be out from Titan in 2015 (Demons come to Sherwood and Robin and company have to mount up and kick some demon ass in Merry Olde England)

Plus releasing: SPECIAL FEATURES: A Deacon Chalk Short Story Collection which is available in print and ebook! Click the link HERE and pick it up!


2 comments to WE NEED SOME ROCK STARS UP IN HERE. (or why be normal? you’re a writer fer pete’s sake)

  • Fireheart1974

    I needed to see this. One of the things I am in addition to an author is a costumer and I've been debating back and forth with great ferocity whether or not to bring more than one costume to the next con I'm attending. I've seen several other folks give advice that you should leave the costume behind when you become and author… I want people to read my stories but at the same time, I like dressing up, I like wearing different colored streaks in my hair, I like my fake tattoos. I'm still hoping to find that distinctive article of clothing that I can wear to cons but until then, I want to keep dressing up.

  • Tom G

    Bravo! Be yourself. Have fun. If you’re having fun, it’s a good indication your readers will have fun reading your books.