The Magical Words Con!


Well, it’s not really called that. It’s Con Carolinas in Charlotte, NC, and it’s this weekend. It feels like the MW con, though, because not only will the core bloggers be there in force, so will many who read and comment on the site. For me, it’s the MW con because it’s where I met David and Faith and Misty, where I was invited to contribute a guest post and where, a year later, I was asked to become a regular blogger.

There are many great things about local cons, but I particularly like the fact that the MW presence on the Con Carolinas panels (and indeed the hallways where we’ll be signing books and just hanging out) means that there are like-minded people sharing their thoughts and information, people who actually get along together and respect each other. These are , more to the point, people who take the art, craft and business of writing seriously, and who genuinely want to share what they know and help others. I’ve been on too many panels where writers who will remain nameless are clearly there solely to hawk their books (the tendency to answer every question with a lengthy plot summary of whatever they are trying to off load onto the unsuspecting public is a dead give away). You might not always agree with what the MW bloggers have to say, but you know they have given the subject some thought, and that they are offering their insight with a genuine desire to help. This is a subjective business in both reading tastes and writing strategies, so I hesitate to call my colleagues here at MW teachers, and I know they don’t think of themselves in such elevated terms, but that’s what they are. I’m glad MW exists, and I’m glad we get once or twice a year to gather together, chat about our struggles, failures and successes, make fun of each other on panels, occasionally stumble on some genuine insight, and top it all off with an adult beverage or two.

So if you are in the area, come on by. We’ll be around to chat, sign, and–yes–sell our stuff, but we’ll talk to you even if you don’t want to buy. Honest. We like readers and writers. They’re our kind of people. Oh, and today at 3pm is the book release event and I’ll be grinning inanely next to stacks of Macbeth,a Novel. Come say hi.

This weekend also inaugurates the new incarnation of my author site, so please have a poke around there and let me know what you think.




8 comments to The Magical Words Con!

  • I had every intention of making it to ConCarolinas this weekend, but a doctor’s appt Friday and a pool tournament Saturday ruined my plans. Hope you all have tons of fun. Raise a glass for me!

  • AJ – I am so excited I can’t stand it!!!!
    And yes, it will be GREAT to see all the MWers: posters and readers and writers and readers and friends and … um … readers. Yeah. LOL

  • AJ, me darlin’, Faith and I pretty much decided we were claiming you the first time you opened your mouth. It’s that whole American-women-hearing-an-English-accent thing. -grin-

    See you at con!

  • Wish I was there…

  • Looking forward to meeting the gang and syphoning some knowledge off ya. 🙂

  • Razziecat

    Oh, I absolutely think of you folks as teachers! I’ve learned so much from this site. I only wish I could make it to the con, but alas, cons are not in my immediate (or foreseeable) future. Have a great time, everybody!

  • Hope everyone’s having a good time! 🙂 We couldn’t get the money together to come this year. Economy, fuel prices, loss of bonuses, and needing the money for other things this year. Maybe next. Still hoping to get snatched up and come down to celebrate.

  • I learned so much from you guys at ConCarolinas! You were all so positive and upbeat that it made me feel like hey, maybe I really can do this novelist thing. And I never knew about this site, much to my chagrin. There are so many great writing blogs out there, but I love that this one is specifically from genre writers. You guys are now on my RSS feed. Thanks again for all your insight at ConCarolinas… I’m going through pages and pages of notes and figuring out what excerpts to put on my blog — there’s so much great stuff.