shameless self-promotion


My thought process just now: Tuesday! It’s Tuesday! I’m supposed to blog on Tuesdays! What am I going to blog about? Ack! Ack! Ack!

This was followed by, “Duh. HOUSE OF CARDS is out today. Obviously today’s blog is about shameless self-promotion.”

Actually, I really hate that phrase. I think it came into existence because people Aren’t Supposed to make a big fuss about what they do, or something, and so in order to mitigate the horror of being uncouth enough to say, “Hey, I’m a novelist, buy my book,” we’ve assigned it this “shameless” tag that’s supposed to make it funny and therefore okay.

But I think there’s a huge difference between promotion and actual *shameless* promotion. I think a lot of what writers do to “shamelessly” self-promote isn’t especially shameless. We blog. We go to conventions. We create postcards or bookmarks or contests to announce a new book’s publication. We stop at bookstores, check for our books, offer to sign them, try to make friends with booksellers. We talk to people about what we do when we’re asked. None of that’s shameless. It’s making connections. It’s good business.

I’ve *met* people who shamelessly self-promote. The behavior that I’d call actual shameless self-promotion is not stuff I would want associated with me. There’s too much desperation when you literally can’t pass someone at a convention without having them trying to force one of their books down your throat, or when they’re expending so much energy being Personal And Boisterous And Charming that you’re exhausted by their presence. When I was younger and weaker, that kind of thing sometimes earned a pity purchase, but these days I just find a way to avoid people who are doing that.

My friends and family are very good about shamelessly promoting me, but it’s a whole different game to me when someone else is doing it. I will, in fact, shamelessly promote my friends’ books, too, but I get all kick-the-dirt shy when it comes to my own work. A lot of us do. That shameless self-promotion tag is, I think, also supposed to help make us braver so we can try to pitch our work to people.

But right now I’m brushing off the shameless and going straight for the promotion: my sixth CE Murphy novel is on the shelves today. It’s called HOUSE OF CARDS, and it’s the second in the Negotiator Trilogy, a series about Margrit Knight, a NYC lawyer who’s found the perfect man–only he’s a gargoyle, one of five hidden Old Races, and his world is beginning to overtake Margrit’s own…

Excerpts from book one, HEART OF STONE, and HOUSE OF CARDS, book two, are available here and here. The third book in the trilogy will be available in September, so you won’t even have long to wait to finish up the story.

Please go buy my book. : )


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  • I’ll go buy your book! I’m going to the bookstore tomorrow!


  • Hehehe… Sorry, but as self-appointed “Literally” Nazi, I have to say this….

    Somebody literally tried to force a book down your throat? That could kill you! Even if it was a very small book! I hope you reported this assault to the appropriate authorities!

    I will not rush out and buy your new book. I will rush out and buy the one before it. Then I will slowly saunter out and buy your new book. 😉

  • Congrats on the release, Catie. Hope it’s a huge success. Can’t wait to read it.

  • Michele Conti

    Shameless self promotion….

    You’re at a party where the only person you know is the one who invited you. Someone asks, “So, what do you do for a living?” And you reply, “Well, I write books.” The onslaught of questions that must follow after that statement could hardly be viewed as shameful promotion. Teehee.

    No no, but really – I’ll tell you what shameful promotion is. An Author coming into my store, a health food store, and asking us to promote their new book….which isn’t even about what we sell! It’s rather confusing, I think, why that would be helpful anyway. One would be better to put an ad. in the paper, than up in a health food store. At least, in a city this size. I think….

  • Catie, I am halfway through with Heart of Stone… OMG it is wonderful. I am slowly reading it, pulling it in and digesting it. Sigh…. So different, building so well…. I can’t wait to discover who the cop is…good guy or bad? And the gargoyle…. He is fabulous!

    I’ll buy the new one tonight (I hope it’s on the indie’s shelves!!!!) at the signing of Kim Harrison’s new book. Whoowhoowhoo! A two-fer! I am in reading heaven! And it lets me promote each of us to other fans of fantasy. Shameless other-promotion.

  • *whacks Frank a few times* Yes, well, you therefore see why it’s so unpleasant! *stops whacking, though, ’cause I’d hate to hinder you going to buy the book* 🙂

    Glad you’re enjoying HoS, Faith. 🙂 I’m kind of proud of how different this series is from the Walker Papers. It was a lot of work, but I think it’s worth it.

    Oooh, Kim Harrison signing, how cool! Yay!


  • Yep, and the signing was lovely!

  • It’s same here to tell you the truth. I have two short works of fiction taht simply have to be promoted, but well apart from two blog posts it’s just not working. I can’t say: “I wrote this and that and now I will make you so interested that you will have to buy them.” Not working.

  • Harry, Try putting the first part on the blog and other fiction sites, that then direct the reader to the buying site for the rest.

  • Like a chain? Blog-Site-Site for buying. That might work. I am still waiting on reviews for these to increase interest, but we will see. My format is ebook and well promoting is interesting. I am still in the middle of thinking of a marketing strategy.