MW Book Giveaway Week: the CE Murphy Version


This may be a bit of a catch-22 contest, as it presupposes you’ve read at least one of my books already. Still, it’s my contest and I’ll run it the way I want to, nyah. 🙂

The Prize: Your choice of either: 1. a signed copy of one of my novels, or 2. a PDF version of the Old Races novella “Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight”, which is not available elsewhere, and a 2010 Ireland calendar with photography by yours truly (you can see it online here..

The Contest: I’d like to know what you, the readers, think various CE Murphy characters would get in their Christmas stockings. You can do as many or as few characters as you choose, but you have to suggest at least one to be entered in the contest, which will close the evening of Wednesday the 30th of December, since I won’t be posting here again until the 31st and there’s no real reason not to keep it open that long. 🙂

Merry Christmas to all!


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  • […] the group writing blog I’m a part of, we’re running a book give-away contest this week. Head on over to participate in my contest–for which the prize is a signed copy of one of my books, or a copy of “Hot Time in the […]

  • […] the group writing blog I’m a part of, we’re running a book give-away contest this week. Head on over to participate in my contest–for which the prize is a signed copy of one of my books, or a copy of “Hot Time in the […]

  • Chris Brandstatter

    Joann Walker would get a gift certificate for a auto parts store. Billie maybe a really pretty scarf or new pair of heels. For the Captain maybe a book about Native American lore. And my favorite character is Alban. I would hope that he could be with Magrit again.

  • Brianna Agnew

    Billy Holliay’s Christmas stocking
    A gift card to the Missing O from Joe
    An updated family picture framed to put on his desk from Mel
    A tree ornament of the Space Needle from Mel
    A small clutch that matches Billy’s favorite pair of shoes from Clara
    A wooden pen that says “world’s best dad” from Robert
    A box of chocolates with one missing from Eric
    Three new nail polishes including ruby red neon green a sparkly pink from Jacquie
    A wooden Yo-yo that Mel had to rescue from the baby’s mouth from Caroline

  • Grit gets a lot of high end cosmetic trinkets from her mother each year. Which she regifts to her roommate with a minimum of guilt.

    Janx gets coal. And likes it.

  • Merry Christmas Catie….great contest. I think Billy would get a new pair of red 4 inch high heels. Joanne would get a new part of the love of her life, her car.

    I hope everyone has a great Holiday and great new years.

  • J Hameister

    I think Gary would get Joanne gift certs for 1) a girly makeover and 2) a nice dinner out – along with the admonition to get out there and have a little fun. Goodness knows she needs a bit of a break from saving the world and all that!

    Joanne would find out what Gary’s wife would have made (like cookies or fudge), try to make it, and have it NOT turn out. She would find the nearest bakery/chocolatier and find an adequate replacement. A sniffly good time…

  • Joanne would get a stuffed toy of a Coyote, so that even if he’s gone she will have the toy. Kind of like a WWJD braclet.

  • Hm…I think Jo would find shotgun shells in her stocking. Practical and fun. 🙂 Also, probably something like a can of wax or a gift certificate for free parts for Pettite, since it seems like she gets damaged in every book (poor thing!).

  • Well, I’m thinking that Belinda would get at least SOMETHING from the extensive line of K-Y products….

    And I think Javier could have used a DVD of “Mommy Dearest”, although the ship might have sailed on that one.

    I should be able to come up with something for Joanne, too, but nothing’s working for me right now. Sorry.

  • CrevanFox

    Petite and Jo- because you know Jo spends Christmas in the garage with her car. She’d fill a stocking(or the glove compartment) with a coupon for a free hand car wash, and a container of really high quality wax, possible some potpourii in a satchel, because commercial air fresheners smell like chemicals and she’d never want that crap in her car, (plus popourii can be hidden and no one who sits in her car would know she’d have something as unforgivingly girly and cute as potpourii).

    Jo would treat herself to a whole box of her favourite donuts and mint hot chocolate from the Missing O.

    Not that she’d eat in the car, crumbs are no friend to a leather interior.

  • I have to join the chorus: Joanne would get something for Petite (from herself), but Gary would try to balance that with something feminine. However, knowing her luck, she’d stick her hand in the stocking and find some sort of demon or ancient demigod.

    Billy would get cosmetics in his stocking, maybe his favorite lipstick shade or a nice perfume.

    I think someone should set up a stocking for Daisani and throw in some pale, sparkly foundation, but I don’t even think Grit could get away with that joke.

  • Robin

    Well, *I* want Joanne to get a Christmas card from Coyote–complete with return address and phone number.

    I want Belinda to have a love interest of her own (but David’s suggestion is more practical–LOL!!)

    Margrit needs a publishing contract for her new book entitled “Life After the Law: My transition from high-powered lawyer to gargoyle consort and Old Races Ambassador”–but I’d settle for a new Old Races book….

  • *I* think Joanne would get some Lava soap and Goop hand cleaner, with a gift cert for a manicure — which she would promptly ruin. (I’m only going to do one because I’m officially maxed out on gift ideas for real people… Not that your characters aren’t real. {gulp})

  • Jackie U

    Daisani would get coal because he did a bad, bad thing. (Which, if you’re curious–LOL–I would LOVE to read about the repercussions of his actions. Just sayin…from a fan…)

  • Beatriz

    David suggests: “Well, I’m thinking that Belinda would get at least SOMETHING from the extensive line of K-Y products…

    *splort* Thanks, David. I’m reeeeeeeally hoping I can get the Coke Zero out of my keyboard.

  • Grace finds a newspaper clipping. It seems that, through some trick of negotiation, the House of Cards has been rebuilt as the Grace O’Malley House. It functions as a sort of orphanage/halfway house, and possibly more.

    Alban wakes up to find a Trinity Angel Pendant. He’s confused to find that he’s woken up in an entirely different place than he’d gone to sleep. Also, for some reason, there’s a wreath around his neck, a red cap on his head, and a big red bow tied across his chest. Oh, and Grit. She’s failing to hide her amusement, but she’s also holding a little box. It’s still wrapped, but his affinity for the stone tells him just what the ring inside is made of.

    Biali wakes up to find, for some reason, some kind of bagel-like thing with chopped onions in the middle.

    Chelsea Hou turns around to find a signed copy of Walking Dead, the latest book from her favorite author, with a note that says, “Grace has her ways…”

    Daisani (or whatever he’s calling himself these days) finds a huge vial of body glitter. “For your twilight years.”

    Kate finds a note which leads her to a vast empty cavern. Inside is a small golden statue of a dragon. “A hoard has to start somewhere…”

    Janx returns to his own hoard to find a hand-made swagger stick with ornate gold inlay. Seems Kate had some hobbies over the years.

    Grit discovers two items which have mysteriously appeared in her apartment. One is a ring in the shape of a serpent biting its own tail. It smells faintly of saltwater. The other is a note with a map directing her to a private room in Grace’s domain, where, she’s told, her present will be waiting just before sundown. Her present, it turns out, also has a present for her – a necklace of that same clear stone, beautifully worked… “and big enough that I can find it anywhere in the city.”


    Frankie Kemp has a box from Darius. Inside is a collapsible bo staff with rubber grips and a holster with a belt loop. The envelope she got at work turns out to contain a note. “Saturday night – Drinks are on me. Be there.”

    Taser discovers a box on the windowsill from Chance. He opens it to find a domino mask with a lightning bolt logo.

  • Randy Johnson

    Gets an all expense paid trip to the Southcentral area of Alaska, and then ends up with a crime to solve, and along the way finds another incarnation of the Trickster in the Alaska Native Trickster Version of Raven.

  • Biki

    Jo would get in her stocking: swiss army knife with mechanical accessories, a small compact make up set, and a small plush coyote (from gary, phobe, michael)
    Gary would get: a turtle keychain, some greatly made cookies and a coupon to join on Jo on her next weird adventure (all from jo)

  • Allison

    All these replies are so good!

    I’d say a gift card from an auto parts store for Jo, as well as maybe a book or too about shamanism and myths to help her out. (And in my wildest dreams, the offer of a date from Morrison! But that’s just me.)

    Something fun for Gary, maybe a small weekend trip for him and Jo so that they can relax. Of course, I’m sure something would happen to interrupt their relaxation knowing their luck!

  • CatScott

    Billy Holliday: Some new nail polishes. A snazzy new bracelet to accessorize his wardrobes. Perfume, something a bit more floral than one would expect on a man…just to throw off the bad guys.

    Gary Muldoon: A new pine tree air freshener for his cab. A picture of him and Joanne. Clint Eastwood movie on DVD.

    Captain Morrison: Maybe a flask? 😉 A year supply of tums or aspirin…courtesy of Joanne. Any John Wayne movie on DVD.

    Joanne Walker: A “Get Out of Jail Free” Card from Morrison 😉 A perfect Matchbox replica of Petite. Perfume, something clean and strong but not too girly.

  • Mike

    Joanne gets the one thing that will make her, and Petite’s, heart race…an original Shelby GT 500 gas cap…polished and signed by the Master, Mr. Shelby himself. I get chills just thinking about it. 🙂

    Many thanks for all the wonderful stories.

    Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to you and yours.

  • Jennifer

    I think Jo would get a gift card to the missing O because that poor woman dosent get enough sleep.

  • tdapenguin

    Ack! Today is the deadline! Somehow I had thought it was tomorrow! So I shall put up what I have and maybe come back before the deadline drops if I can think of more. (This was fun!)

    Gary– when his wife Annie was alive, they each stuffed the other’s stocking. No peaking was allowed (they were quilted stockings, so you couldn’t look in through the side), and Annie kept threattening to stitch the top closed if Gary didn’t get his hands away from his. There was always an orange in the toe of his sock. One year Gary filled her stocking entirely with bouncy balls and they spent the day going places with walls/hard surfaces at interesting angles and having fun.

  • Michelle C.

    I think Joanne would get something like a tire gauge, maybe some new shop rags and a new stick for her drum.

    Hope you have a good new year!

  • What if we gave them all copies of the books about them? So much more unique than socks and underwear!