making up for lost time


The astute amongst you may have noticed that I missed last Wednesday’s blog, making record time for utterly failing to participate. But I have a good excuse: I smashed the holy living crap out of my fingers, and really just wasn’t thinking about blogging. Or writing at all. It’s been a week now (my hand looks much less dramatic, but I’m still typing very, very slowly), and in that time I’ve written about 400 words. That kind of blows the giant word count goal I’d discussed for February when I last posted.

And this is one of the things that you pretty much have to deal with as a writer. Things go wrong. Things totally outside your control go wrong. It’s terribly frustrating, and most of the time all you can really do is wait to get over the trauma, whether it’s physical like this is or emotional (I lost a month of writing when our dog died) and then try like the devil to make up for lost time.

I think one of the smartest things you can do when you’ve hit a Trauma Wall is to be kind to yourself. A friend of mine’s mother died recently, and some days he’s been able to write, and others the world’s been too overwhelming. He’s accustomed to writing quickly, and right now, even on the good days, he isn’t writing as fast as he’s used to. But as a little more time passes, he’s finding his feet again, and very often that’s what needs to be done. Pushing and pushing and pushing isn’t always the best response, and that is *not* easy for me to accept or comprehend.

So I’ve spent the better part of the last week trying not to overdo it. It’s my nature to overdo things (which I might talk about next week), but this sprain is not going to be made better by trying to type too much. If I actually *let it heal* I will be able to make up for lost time, but if I push it too far right now I’m only going to extend the period of time in which I am damaged, which does me no good at *all*. Intellectually, I know this. Emotionally? BAH! I should be able to have both hands broken and a lobotomy and be able to do my job! Bah! Hah! I am mighty! Fear me! AHAHAHAHAHAH ow stupid fingers wah okay i was wrong i will be good*

I really hope I’ll be back next week with no physical trauma and the better part of another 20K under my belt by the time I get to my Wednesday post, but if not, I hope I’m not dumb enough to hurt myself again in the trying.

*This was dramatic only, I did not really hurt myself : )


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  • MelanieGriffin

    Yeeeeeow! Ow-ow-ow-ow-ow!

    Very sorry to hear about this, let alone *see* it, Catiie. If you aren’t already looking into/using this, PLEASE go find some arnica gel. It’s homeopathic, so no side effects, etc. It will even feel better immediately when you smear some on. It disperses blood out of bruises, and helps your body heal faster. Really.

    I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t tried it back when I was learning to snowboard and had knees that looked like I was trying to grow vegetables on them – eggplants – they were so purple with injury. It’ll help, I promise, and quickly! Now if only we could find such a thing to help with hurt hearts.

    Do feel better soon! =)

    ~ Melanie

  • I’ve been using arnica gel and arnica pellets inside and out religiously since my hand got mashed. I am *sure* that without it it wouldn’t be *nearly* as well healed as it is now. 🙂


  • Ouch, Catie!! Sounds brutal. Hope you recover quickly.

    As those who follow my other blogs know, I’m dealing with work delays as well right now. My older daughter has pneumonia. This after a week in which my younger daughter’s school was closed for various reasons Wednesday through the following Tuesday. As you say, sometimes life intrudes, and we simply can’t work the way we’d like.

    Here’s hoping your delay is brief and as painless as possible.

  • Michele Conti

    Traumeel pellets and Gel are good as well, as this brand provides a combination of arnica, calendula, camomila and so forth.

    I’m so not used to this thing telling me I’ve spelled so many words wrong.

    I really should change my focus of study from being a master herbalist to homeopathy… it really is my new best friend. Pellets will fix anything. Oh, oh, and tissue salts, I love the tissue salts.

    Ok, I’m done now…

  • Brian

    Not to discount your recent trauma, I was thinking about other ways to get words into a computer. Has anyone tried verbal word recognisiton software? Is it any good?

  • From what I understand, it takes several weeks, at the fastest, to get the voice recognition software up to speed with your own vocal quirks. I think it’d take at *least* that long to learn how to write fiction that way. That would be So Weird. O.O

  • I seem to recall S L Viehl ( blogging about using voice recognition software in the past.

    I would drive myself nuts with it, because of all the deleting I do. But that’s me….