Magical Words Link Roundup 4-4-2017


The finalists for the 2017 Hugo Awards have been announced!

With the release of Alien: Covenant coming up on May 19, director Ridley Scott has been doing a lot of press discussing the future of the franchise. But there’s always room to share some fun facts about its past—or not-so-fun, as in the case of the ending he originally planned for 1979’s Alien.

Why did I get a no?

The Expanse series has recently been translated into a TV show on Syfy, and a lot of us believe it’s far and away the best show we’ve seen in years. But TV and movie adaptations run a certain risk with fans of a well-loved book.

All hail Eartha Kitt, queen of live action Catwoman actors and a whole lot else.

If there are two certainties in comics right now, it’s that adaptations are all the rage (from theaters to your TV screen), and that we’re probably never going to see any kind of filmed version of one of the most popular comics running, Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples’ Saga.

Artist Lawrence Lindell wanted black girls to know they have much more value than a lack of media visibility and derisive comments from peers may lead them to believe. So he created “From Black Boy With Love.”

For those unwilling to sacrifice 13 hours to Danny Rand acting like every grad student who has ever spent a semester abroad in Thailand, here’s a cheater’s guide to Iron Fist so you can still enjoy The Defenders when it finally (mercifully) drops on Netflix.

Surviving horror films is a breeze if you follow these rules.

Did you know these movies had their beginnings in books? Okay, except for Jurassic Park, because duh.


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