Letters from the Battlefield, Part III


Man, I almost forgot to post today. This week has been way less writeful, I’m afraid. We’ve been moving, and that’s eaten 5 days, turning them into basically no words days (I did 1200 words on Monday, but that was it). Tomorrow’s going to be a loss, too, but as of Thursday I’m *hoping* I’ll get myself back on track and really start to pound some words out. Got a lot of ground to cover still…

words written this week: 13,142
pages written this week: 51

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
41,413 / 110,000

    Tuesday, June 17

  • I’m *sure* I wrote this exact description before in *this* book, but I can’t actually find it. It could easily have already been deleted. It’s making me neurotic. No wonder people think writers are weird.
  • I am either writing this correctly, or so wrongly that I don’t even know where I’ve screwed up. Oh, God, I hope it’s the former. *whimpers*
  • Just finished a chapter. It ends, more or less, with, “Did you find anything?” “Yeah, I think so.” But *I* have *no idea* what she’s found. Tomorrow’s writing is going to be interesting!
    Wednesday, June 18

  • ZOH. MAH. GOD.

    *hand clapped over mouth* Holy chit, a whole new aspect of the Walker Papers universe just opened up to me. I mean–and sorry, I’m talking in circles, but one of the problems about writing about writing a book is I hate to give away any spoilers!–but I mean, this information that just dumped into my brain totally *follows*, and in fact it’s silly that I didn’t know it before, but ZOMG. SO COOL!

    *God* writers are weird. Where does this stuff come from? I mean, pretty clearly this piece of information was waiting for me to ask the right question, and POOF, there, it’s presented wholesale as an answer once the question’s been asked. But hell, two minutes ago I didn’t even know there was a *question*, much less an answer!

    *rushes back to write some more* (This bit of information doesn’t even pay off until the end of the book, but right now I’m all excited! Whee!)

  • I have just made myself desperately want a doughnut. Jo’s a cop, there’s a doughnut shop, what can I say? But the Irish don’t do doughnuts the way Americans do, and there’s not a single chance I’m going to get the kind I’m thinking of. I can’t even remember what it’s *called* right now. My life is hard!
  • aaah, here we are, chapter 11. I always figure if it’s all going to go wrong, it’ll do it here. 🙂 Also, technically, my words for the day are done–I finished a chapter–but I’m about 1350 words away from the 1/3rd mark, so…onward!
  • I’ve already had my first moment of “Crap, I don’t have enough editor-sanctioned wordcount to tell this story.” Usually that doesn’t turn up til around the 50K mark, or even higher, and I’m only at 35K. I wonder if this is partly due to having written 3 125K books, 1 145K book, and 1 180K book since the last time I wrote a 110K Walker Papers…

  • I’m about a thousand words from 40K now. I’ll hit that in about an hour, and then given what’s coming up the next seven days–2 days of train/bus travel, a day in Cork, our stuff being delivered to the new house, a photo shoot with my sister, a friend visiting–I figure if I hit 50K by this time next week I’ll be doing really *really * well. I’ve got to try to write every day so I don’t lose momentum, but this is not going to be the most work-friendly week I’ve ever had.
  • Vague concern going on about how far removed I am from the synopsis right now. Flip side: the synopsis is…what’s the word. I’m a writer, I should know this word. “Weak” will do. “Sparse”, perhaps. “Lame” is perhaps more accurate, but oh so derogatory. But there’s really not enough story in the synopsis for a 110K book, so the fact that I’m a bit off right now is probably a good thing. I kind of think I might end up back in it around the 55-60K mark, which would (hopefully) leave me galloping downhill to the end of the book.
  • OTOH, I’m enjoying the story that’s going on right now. I was dismayed at how few people I’d introduced (it’s a murder mystery, so one of them’s got to be a killer!), but I started realizing that in fact, I had quite a few potential murderers, so that made me feel like I knew what I was doing. Shh. Don’t tell anybody. 🙂

Remainder of the week: Nothin’. :/


6 comments to Letters from the Battlefield, Part III

  • My character discovered bacon (he’s from another planet) do you think I could concentrate until I ate my own plate of bacon? I loath writing about food because it does trigger a neurological response in my mid brain that tells me “oh you have to eat it now, look everyone else is!!!” So I steer my characters away from the following: chocolate (get headaches), doughnuts, cake, biscuits (cookies), cheesecake (especially baked riccotta and wildberries), and Lollies (candy)…
    I think I should make my characters health food freaks that way my diet would improve….

  • Oh, Natalie,
    Baked riccotta and wildberries?
    OMG that sounds wonderful. But — what are wildberries? Wild blueberries? Blackberries? I have blackberries and some kind of tree with berries on it in the front yard.

    Catie, I am jumping up and down with excitement for you. Love those moments when the story opens up and out and takes me into a new direction.

    I am in the middle of the Queen’s Bastard, which is wonderful, BTW, but I admit that I am a particular fan of the Walker Papers. I can not wait! *Shivers with delight.*


  • Catie said, “*God* writers are weird. Where does this stuff come from? I mean, pretty clearly this piece of information was waiting for me to ask the right question, and POOF, there, it’s presented wholesale as an answer once the question’s been asked. But hell, two minutes ago I didn’t even know there was a *question*, much less an answer!”

    Crazy! I sat up in bed the other night and suddenly I realized I had to kill a (somewhat) major character. I hadn’t even guessed I’d have to do that until right that minute, but once I knew it, there was no going back.

  • Baked riccotta and wildberries (blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, mulberries and raspberries combined) it’s too die for, and that’s no word of a lie. It’s also going to go straight to your butt so it’s best to be avoided at all costs.
    I just had an email from one of the worlds leading researchers in plate tectonics, she’s let me know that my premise for this latest WIP is fatally flawed, there’s no way in the physical universe that my solution would work…
    arghghghghghghghgh…. so now I have to ask her to give me a better alternative… and as of today I’ve written 53,000 words in 23 days, sheesh, ah well, more research…. where the hell is that cheese cake???

  • Ohhhhh. That sounds great.
    Not the plate tectonics, but the food…

  • I’m sitting here, pleased as punch with myself for having written 6,000 words so far this week, and you have a down week at 13,000 words. I’m in awe.

    Very cool that you had that revelation. I hope they keep coming. Sounds like you’re at least having fun with this thing, which is good, because I can’t imagine doing what you’re doing with this book and hating it.

    We’re pulling for you every step of the way.