It’s that time again!


And by that time, I mean DragonCon time. The new and improved, asterisk-free DragonCon is this weekend in Atlanta, and this will be my first year as an attending professional. I’m on several panels in the Urban Fantasy track and have been invited to join one in the Alternate History track as well. I’m only on one panel in the Writers’ Track, the Bell Bridge Spotlight, but I’ll be most easily found in the Tairen’s Lair/Author’s Lair booth that I’m sharing with Faith, David, Lucienne and a bunch of other awesome people. 

Instead of a real post, you’re getting my DragonCon schedule. Sorry, it’s been one of those weeks. But if you’re at Dragon, I hope you’ll stop by and say hello! 


Friday – 

1PM – Pulp – From Paperbacks to Film and Beyond

Westin, Augusta 3

Me, James Tuck, Bobby Nash . . . what could go wrong? Hilarity is sure to ensue, come watch!


2PM – 4PM – Booth time #2205/2304 – Westin

Buy my stuff


5:30PM – Big Bad Release Party

Join me and a bunch of other Big Bad Authors as we launch the book for real this time! 

Hyatt, Roswell 


8:30PM – Men of Urban Fantasy

Westin International BC – I’m on a panel with Jim f’n Butcher! And Jonathan Mayberry! And Kevin J. Anderson, David B. Coe, James Tuck and S.M. Stirling. I’ll try not to squee.



10AM – 2PM – Booth #2205/2304 – Westin

Buy my stuff


4PM – Bell Books/Bell Bridge Books Spotlight

Hyatt, Embassy D-F


5:30PM – Autograph Session

Marriott International Hall South – At least I get to hang out with Elizabeth Donald and D. Alan Lewis while I twiddle my thumbs. 


Sunday (My Biggest Day)

11AM – 12:30PM – Booth #2205/2304 – Westin


1PM-2PM – Humor in Urban Fantasy

Westin International BC – No, I never cause trouble on panels with Delilah Dawson. Never! 


3:30 – 5PM – Booth #2205/2304 – Westin


7PM – Vampire Variations in Urban Fantasy

Westin International BC – Cherie Priest + James Tuck + Me = recipe for awesome! 


10PM – Violence in Urban Fantasy – How Much is Too Much? 

Westin International BC – I’m on a panel with Laurel K. Hamilton! 


Monday – 11AM – 2PM – Booth #2205/2304 – Westin


Hope you get a chance to come see me! In addition to the Black Knight Chronicles Omnibus, I’ll have the new Bubba print collection, The Big Bad, and Gadgets & Gizmos for you Steampunk kids! 


2 comments to It’s that time again!

  • I hope you lose your shoe and it rains all weekend and your signing pen breaks and spills ink all over your hand and you have to wait more than two hours for all the restaurants and people throw rotten fruit at your panels.

    *grin* Okay, you got me, I’m just being jealous – I actually hope you have a marvelous time and sell all your books and meet cool new people (and maybe invite them to post on MW) and come home with great stories. Drive safe, sweetie!

  • Still on the wire about whether I’ll drive down for a day or two. Tempting. Very tempting.