Happy New Year!


Wow.  Is it really the last day of the year?  Can that much time have gone by?  Well, it did, and here we are.

This year has seen a lot of change for Magical Words.  We’ve added contributors.  The MW Betas began.  We’ve added listings of our appearances and started building downloadable content like our tautologies list and information on Facebook marketing.  We’ve had our first MW get-together at ConCarolinas and met several of you wonderful readers.  And we’ve put together a little book called How To Write Magical Words.

Of course, part of the purpose of this site is to promote our various books, but that’s just a small part.  The main purpose is something I love about writers and genre writers in particular.  The main purpose is to give back, to help those who are starting out, those who are standing where we all have once stood, to make this treacherous journey a little easier.  All of us here at MW can name an author, an editor, or an agent who did the same for us — at least one person, if not more, who took the time, made the effort, and helped us reach that next step toward achieving our writing dreams.  By being part of Magical Words, I get to give back on that help every day.

All of these events in the world of MW mean a lot to me.  Though I’ve been active on the internet for decades, this is the first online community that truly feels like a community to me.  Your regular participation is a key part of that.  As is the warm embrace I’ve received from the very beginning.  Working with my fellow MW contributors has formed a small writing family that gives me, actually gives each of us, the support to keep pushing through the many ups and downs of a writing career.  So, to our core group — David, Faith, AJ, Misty, and Edmund (and Catie, we wish you were back); to our regular contributors — Lucienne, Mindy, Carrie, Lynn, and Diana; to our many guests and all of our readers — a big THANK YOU for letting me play in this wonderful sandbox.

It’s been a great 2010 for Magical Words.  Here’s to a great 2011.  Cheers!


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  • Agreed! Best fot the new year, Stuart.

  • Deb S

    This really is a great community. Happy New Year to all!

  • I lift a cuppa tea and cheer! (grins)
    Here’s to a great new year! Joy, happiness, success, and friendship, good health and love to everyone!
    And bestsellers all!

  • Unicorn

    I can’t believe how much I’ve learned here at Magical Words. I was – and still am – a newbie in every sense of the word, but these posts have helped my work in so many different ways, from plotting to sentence structure to marketing to revisions. And reminding me that I’m not the only unpublished and unheard-of fantasy writer out there striving for excellence. Hey, misery loves company. 😉 Here’s to an absolutely fabulous 2011 and all the years to come, for everybody. Sniff. Sniff. I think I’m gonna cry. Thank you everyone!

  • What Unicorn said. 🙂

    I’ve really appreciated everything I’ve learned here since Mindy first linked this … urp, eight months ago? Wow does time ever fly. This has been the best community I’ve ever been involved in. The posts (and the Betas) have been so very educational. Here’s to a successful 2011 for all of us!

    Laura (formerly Moira)

  • Stuart, thanks for what you bring to the site, and for your friendship, which means the world to me. Happy New Year!

  • Thanks again, all. Have a great, fun, safe evening. See you all here tomorrow! Happy New Year!

  • Thanks to all of you! I’ve learned so much from all of you! Con Carolinas was the first Con I ever went to, and I think David and Faith were on the first panel I writing I got to see. I’ve learned tons since then! (That was three and a half years ago… this year will be my fourth CC.) All of you guys are so generous with your time and ideas!

    Happy New Year!!

  • Mikaela

    Happy New Year!
    I actually had a question, but it can wait until another time.