Dragon*Con here we come!


As you saw in yesterday’s post, the bulk of the Magical Words writers are headed for Dragon*Con. You can check out our schedules here (Thanks for posting them, Faith!) Personally, I’m hitting the road as soon as I hit the publish button on this blog, so this will be a fly-by post. I know many of you are con veterans, but for those of you who will be attending their first Dragon*con this year,  here are a couple quick tips for the weekend. 

  • Sit down with the schedule grid and plan out your day/weekend–but don’t be disappointed if you don’t make it to absolutely everything you want. Also, with a con this big, you’re bound to have some conflicting scheduling, don’t get frustrated. You’re there to have fun! (And meet people, and learn things, and discuss geeky things, etc.)
  • If you have time, explore the host hotels and find where the rooms of your most important/must see events will be held. There are five (six?) host hotels that the con is held in and over 50k people will be booking it between locations once the con starts. Nothing is more frustrating than getting lost or missing half a panel because you can’t find it. So map out some routes before the con gets going.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. See above about size of con. ’nuff said.
  • Don’t be afraid to to approach guests! Guests are there to meet YOU. So talk to us. Approach us after panels, at our booths, at the bar–wherever you see us. Sometimes we might need to run to catch a panel, but otherwise, we’d love to chat!

Okay, the head minion is ready to pack the car, so I have to run. I hope to see you at the Con!


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  • Ken

    Hope you all have a great time!!! I won’t be able to make it this year. Next year, maybe, because it’s such a long way from Michigan. I’m flip flopping between Dragon*Con and ConCarolinas. Either way, it’ll be my first BIG con and I’m looking forward to it 🙂