ConCarolinas MW Lunch This Saturday

A quick note: If you’re in the Charlotte NC-area, drop in for lunch with MW-ers at Boardwalk Billy’s: 1 – 3 pm, Saturday at ConCarolinas. Don’t forget! It is always loud and fun! Boardwalk Billy’s has great food and is located just across the pond from the Hilton at ConCarolinas.

8 comments to ConCarolinas MW Lunch This Saturday

  • Have fun. Sorry about the Dantes thing.


  • Sad I will miss this, even though I’m just down the road a little (Atlanta). My wife and son are just getting back from a week at the beach today.

  • I really considered making the trip – only 7 1/2 hour drive – but I couldn’t find anyone willing to puppy-sit six seven-week old pit bull babies. Maybe next year!

  • Argh, I’m so sad. Raven and I were all ready to go, until I realized it’s the weekend my fellow Pendragon Variety member and I move into our new apartment. Enjoy your panels and luncheons while we heft boxes and couches to our second-story apartment in the blistering heat. We will surely show off our rippling musculature at Dragon*Con. 🙂 Hope to see you all there!

  • Sorry you all had to miss out. Just got back from the luncheon and it was amazing. Thirty-five people all total; we took over a large portion of the restaurant. Only broke it up when we did because some people had to go do some panels. There’s a party tonight, too, thrown by some of the MW readers, and after the great lunch, I know everyone is looking forward to more fun tonight.

  • Awesome to finally meet you all. Gonna have to talk you all into coming up to our neck o’ the woods for Marcon or Origins.

  • Was great to meet you, too; sorry I didn’t really get to sit down and talk with you for a while. Where is your “neck o’ the woods”? Not familiar with Marcon or Origins.

  • They’re both in Columbus, Ohio. Bit of a trek (around an eight hour drive…we know), but maybe you can write it off as a business expense for promotional purposes. 😉