Bending before breaking


I have regretfully decided to take a leave of absence from Magical Words. I love the site, I love participating in it (oh, how happy I was to be invited! I wanted so much to be part of a group writing blog!), but with my work deadlines, I’ve been struggling to keep up with my posts here. Discovering I’d lost the originals for the voice class I taught, which had been going to be my notes for the series posted here, sort of broke the camel’s back; I just don’t have the time or mental capacity right now to reconstruct them. With that realization came the follow-on realization that out of my various commitments, MW is one of the very few I can step back from for a while without being in breach of any sort of contract, so for the time being, I’m going to do that.

Hopefully I’ll start up again in September, but for right now I’ll just become a commenter and reader like so many other people are. I do look forward to continuing to talk to people on the site!


11 comments to Bending before breaking

  • You will be missed. Good luck with your full plate.

  • Well, in the words of rednecks everywhere, git r dun!

    Do what you gotta do. Writing and deadlines come first. 🙂

  • I’ll certainly miss seeing you around these parts, and I hope your deadline wrangling goes well. 🙂

    See you soon enough, I hope!

  • We love you Catie! Take care of yourself and family and deadlines. I made the mistake once of not stepping back, and my health paid the price.
    You can come back to MW anytime. And you can guest blog too.

  • We’ll miss you, sweetie!

  • Well, Catie. Your wisdom will be missed. I’ll just hope to hear snatches of it during Word War breaks.

  • Thursdays just won’t be the same without you. We hope to see you in September!

  • Squeak

    I second what Stuart said. Thanks for all the time you have taken out of your busy schedule thus far to post here and look forward to your return – with lots of shameless self promotion to celebrate all the work that you’ve done. 🙂

  • Good luck with your schedule! It’s always hectic when more than one thing is going on! I’ve enjoyed the posts you’ve written and will look forward to when you can return!

    Happy writing!

  • You are, and will always be, an integral part of the MW family. You’re always welcome here in whatever capacity works for you. In the meantime, best of luck with all the work. We look forward to seeing you here when you have time to comment and discuss.

  • Robin

    I completely understand–my own plate has been too full lately to even stop by and read the posts each day (hence my belated regrets)! That said, I’m torn between sadness you won’t be sharing your wisdom with us writer-wanna-be’s… and elation that perhaps this means I’ll get to read more of your books sooner. 🙂 If I had to pick just one… waffling…waffling…. No–you made the right call. The best way to teach is by modeling good writing, after all! 🙂