back to back


This is not a post of much content.

For the first time I can remember, I’m pretty much writing two books in the same series back to back. This is mostly because I did two major revisions on the first book and don’t have time to go write something else before the second book is due.

It’s pretty weird. One of the good things (for me) about writing multiple series is that it allows me to get enough distance from any given world that when it’s time to go back to it, I’m usually all excited to be back. In this case, all I’ve had is a three week vacation and I’m now I’m going straight back into the world I left in early November.

I genuinely have no idea how well this is going to work. I mean, it *has* to work, the book is due at the end of January (oi), but as far as how happy my brain’s going to be with the whole thing? No clue.

Oh, no, I just realized I have done this once before, after a similarly huge revision a few years ago. Writing the next book was hands down the worst writing experience of my life. Oh dear. That’s not especially promising. On the other hand, I think I’m set up better for this book than I was for that other one. Agh, I hope I am!

I’ll keep you posted with letters from the battlefield over the next couple months…o.o


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  • Hugs, Catie. Been there too. Survived it intact. Mostly…

  • Best of luck, Catie. I used to write everything this way: one series at a time, book after book after book. At times it does suck. But part of what makes a multi-book project work is making each book different enough to seem fresh. Sounds like you’ll be extra motivated to do just that…. 😉

  • Best of luck. Just remember that this is a nice problem to have 🙂

  • Tom Gallier

    Really? You don’t like writing back to back books in the same series? I guess I’m weird. I love it. I love my UF world, and characters. I wrote the 2nd, 3rd and fourth books in a frenzied four month span two years back. So that now I have 5 books in an unsold series. Yeah, I’m a genius. LOL But I get so caught up in a series, it is hard to change gears and go to another story. But I have to, I know it.

  • Paul

    I want that problem! 🙂

    Tom, I am the same way. When I finished the first book of my first series, I *tried* to move to something else before moving on because that was the advice that I’d received. So far I’ve written 4 pages of the new thing, and 4 chapters of the 2nd book of the first series. It’s fun to stay in that world. Right now, I’m just letting my imagination tell me which one it would rather play in.

  • Good luck, Catie. We’re pulling for you!

  • It should definately be better for you this time around. You know where the potholes are now. Still hard, but not as bumpy. *sending good vibes*

  • I wish I had this problem, Catie. Good luck!