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Thank *God* David started this meme this week, because if I had to write a post with real thinking behind it I would be in huge trouble. I have just (literally just) finished writing TRUTHSEEKER, my 18th novel, and I have NOSSINK left in the way of brain.

In order to not be a total David copy-cat (the male lead of the book I just finished is Daffyd. I have typed ‘Daffyd’ twice now, trying to type ‘David’), I am including Photographic Evidence with my post. ๐Ÿ™‚ Here is my office:

My office isn’t as colorful and fun as it usually is because none of my artwork is up. (The walls here are not easy to put art on.) But, at the center there we have The Captain’s Chair, my beloved totally-split-keyboard writing chair. On the keyboard tray of the desk is the TRUTHSEEKER manuscript, left over from revisions. The books to the right on the desk are my dictionary and thesaurus, behind which are a photograph of my husband and one of many Rogue figurines. The solitary folded piece of paper has a comic book page layout scribbled on it, for reference when I’m writing scripts. Below the red lamp is a gift from a friend who died last year; it’s a sparkly “phoenix egg, guaranteed to hatch sometime in the next 500 years.”

Moving on to the left is my Rogue blanket, a gift from the friend who started my Rogue collection (I was just reading NEVERWHERE, in which Richard, the hero, has a collection of those little plastic poof-haired trolls. “Richard did not collect trolls,” the book says; “one day he found one on the street and in a desperate and pathetic attempt to enliven his workspace, he put it on his computer monitor. Immediately people began giving him more.” I believe this is how nearly all collections start.). Next to that is the music for my tin whistle, which is in the teddy bear’s lap. The idea is that I will practice the tin whistle for half an hour every day after I’m done writing. The reality is…not. ๐Ÿ™‚

On the bookshelf, from the top down, are Rogue and Gambit figurines (there are currently 10 Rogues in my office, and that many again in the closet because I ran out of room), copies of each of my published novels, and on top of those, the shaman’s rattle that a friend gave me when I sold URBAN SHAMAN. It’s hard to see, but there’s also a gargoyle (named Broadway) sitting in front of the books, and the bookends are ElfQuest howling wolf bookends.

The mask is a gift from my sister, and sits on top of the foreign editions of my books. The space beside that is mostly empty, which allows me to put crap there when it gets in my way. It used to hold a stereo, but I don’t listen to music while I write, so we put the stereo in the family computer room. The big red book, though, is Myths & Legends of the World, or something like that, and I use it a surprising amount. Next to it, the electric blue thing is a dayplanner gift from some friends; it has the little sassy lady logo which I use on stamped into the leather. I love it.

Below that, mostly, are manuscripts and research material. And, okay, this wasn’t really an ephemera post, more like a tour of my office, but this is where I work every day. There ya go. ๐Ÿ™‚


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  • I want a red chair! And a split keyboard…wow. I have a standard ergonomic split keyboard, the kind where it’s just the two sides set apart but all on one piece, and I love it. So yours looks heavenly!

    And please forgive me a moment of fangirlish lurve over Gambit. *heavy emo sigh*

  • Oh Misty I’m with you all the way here. That chair CE is awesome. I haven’t even heard of a split keyboard. Now I have something to covet.

  • I hate split keyboards. I’m a two finger typist for the most part and I can’t seem to get the two halves of my brain to work in sync to navigate a split keyboard. My wife’s got an ergonomic one where the keys are split and I have to unplug hers and plug in mine whenever I need to use her PC to type on. It’s odd, I know.

    The chair is sweet though. Mine’s falling apart and the piston doesn’t hold as well as it should anymore. But I got it for like $10 at an office sale several years ago.

  • Love the office, Catie, and yes, I’m fascinated by the split keyboard as well. Not sure I could get my brain to do it, but if I could it would way cool.

    And I love that bit from Neverwhere about the trolls. Loved that book, and the troll line stuck with me long after I finished it. Thanks for the tour!

  • I love it! You are so web-snazzy!
    I love the red chair and all the fun stuff…

    Hmmm. Can I do that? Make a pic and put it on the site?
    Probably not.
    Better not even try!
    But yours is cool!

  • I got the keyboard at several years ago. They no longer make that specific kind of keyboard, so God forbid anything should happen to mine, because I *love* it. Honestly, if you use a regular ergonomic split keyboard it only takes about five minutes to adjust to the totally split one. I did discover a few things, like: I used to hit the “y” key with my left hand, stretching all the way across the keyboard with my left index finger to do that (I learned to type classically, so I’m a touch-typist), which you absolutely cannot do with this keyboard. ๐Ÿ™‚ And the “h” turned out to feel like it was in a slightly funny place, and I have learned I only hit the space bar with my right thumb.

    The biggest disadvantage to that keyboard is that it’s really very difficult to type one-handed if, for example, the cat is in your lap and demanding skritches. ๐Ÿ™‚ But on the scale of disads, that’s really pretty low. Yeah, I love that thing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I covet that chair and keyboard set-up! I should probably get a new chair – the one I use is due to be thrown out. If I lean back it drops to its lowest level so my keyboard is at eye level ๐Ÿ™

  • That chair is COOL. I’ll keep something like that in mind when I have to replace the one I have. I suspect the resident Alpha Geek could figure out how to configure the keyboard and attach it to the new chair. It certainly would help with the back and shoulder issues.

    One thing I’ve noticed — by having the office downstairs, by the front door, I keep it a lot cleaner. My upstairs office is a natural disaster just shy of Biblical proportions. I’m cleaning it out now, but can only stand about an hour in there before my brain turns to gruel. Since I’m in fidget mode right now (between contracts) the cleaning seems to help me as much as it does the room.

  • That keyboard is amazing, but also pretty scary since I know I don’t type properly enough to be able to use one. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fully-split one before.
    You have a nice tidy working space though. I’m jealous.
    BTW, is your character supposed to be ‘Daffyd’ or ‘Dafydd’? (The latter being the correct Welsh spelling, if that’s what you’re going for…)

  • Yeah, I just corrected it this afternoon to Dafydd before I turned it in. I hadn’t looked up the spelling before. Oops. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I *love* my keyboard. And my workspace /is/ tidy. I like it that way! ๐Ÿ™‚