a half-day off


Just as I sat down to write my Magical Words blog this morning, my husband told me that at noon he was taking me out of the house and out to Fota Wildlife Park, because it was a beautiful day and he could tell from my mood lately that I wasn’t getting out of the house enough and that I needed some sunshine. So instead of writing my blog I went and wrote a bit more on my book, and then went out to be Not A Writer for an afternoon.

Like David, I do photography for fun. (I’ve even got a photoblog, at kitsnaps.com.) Like Faith, I’m … well. Heh. I don’t consider myself a workaholic. I set out to accomplish certain things when I started getting published, and one of those certain things was shelf space. The result looks a lot like workaholicism, but it’s my grim determination to slow down (and it does take a certain amount of grim determination, because it’s hard to not jump on new shiny ideas and pursue them!) and become significantly less of a workaholic. (It sounds so easy! Hah!) (And hey, like Misty, I like to dance. What we’re not telling you is that I am in fact _all the writers_ at this blog!)

Um. I think I got terribly off topic. The point was just going to be, sometimes when I’m not being a writer, I do something like this instead:

(…I *meant* take pictures, but I suppose making that face isn’t entirely inaccurate either…)

Do I get points for the most inane post ever?


4 comments to a half-day off

  • Were you hiding in the corner while I suffered through today’s brain-withering training meeting? ‘Cause I could swear the creature with its tongue out is me!!!

  • Cool pic. We’ll have to compare photography notes at some point (in private — no sense boring everyone else). And though it may not be the most inane post ever, I’ll concede a spot in the top ten…. 🙂

  • *Very* cool pic! You and David should blog with a pics one week.

    I had a good day, oddly enough, in school.
    I spent 2+ hours in the public school system with 20+ talented kids, refining a play-writing lesson plan with a playwright.
    I went shopping and spent way too much money.
    Then I wrote nearly 5 pages and watched a favorite TV show. I am *trying* to have fun! Trying to relax.
    Now I have to exercise.

  • Beatriz

    That’s the face I made at my boss today!!