Thanksgiving Party Talk!


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope you’re all having a peaceful and pleasant day. We gathered our authors today to answer another question: We’re all coming over for dinner! What are you serving us?

R S Belcher
I am a bad-ass soup maker. I would make you my famous Raman super soup. It’s good and my kids love it.

Gail Martin
Funny you should say that. I think I’ll make barbeque, macaroni and cheese, maybe some calico beans…

Melissa Gilbert
Probably spaghetti because you can never go wrong with comfort food.

Edmund Schubert
Tequila. (Oh my, Ed…you just want us all to sleep on your floor, don’t you?)

Misty Massey
I have absolutely no Italian heritage that I know of, but somehow I make great Italian food. So we’ll have chicken piccata, tortellini and steamed broccoli. And maybe a lovely tiramisu later.

Diana Pharaoh Francis
White chicken chile with fresh crusty bread with blackberry pie.

Tamsin Silver
Oh wait, that’s not a food…okay… 😉 (No, and Ed has already got us pretty tipsy from his tequila dinner…)
I’d likely do an appetizer of cocktail shrimp, crescent roll bites with a dill dipping sauce, and some veggies/dip. Entrée would be Hot Lime Tilapia, parmesan rice, asparagus, and a side salad. Desert would likely be hot apple pie with ice cream…and brandy, because: John Hartness.

John Hartness
I’m making you bring pot luck. 🙂


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