Party Talk – Cons, Part 2


Continuing the con chat we started a couple of weeks ago, our guests are back to answer some more questions about cons.  Remember, if you want to throw in your two cents about cons, how they run, what you’d like to see or whatever, don’t be afraid to chime in on the comments!

A) What is one thing you wish you’d known before you attended your first con?
This one time at con… (tell us something funny or weird or bizarre that happened at con.)

wildthings_3-ChloeN-199x300Chloe Neill

A) Pack some essentials in a tote for an all-day con experience: water, snacks, hand lotion, and hand sanitizer.
B) I went a little fangirl on some of the authors with whom I appeared at a panel. And then I was in the green room at C2E2 on year pre-panel, and Sean Astin happened in. I was torn between yelling out “Samwise!” and “Goonies!”. I ended up saying nothing. 🙂
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Delilah S Dawson
A) I wish I’d known that being outspoken and assertive would go farther than being sweet and taking guff. My first con was a small, local steampunk convention, and wickedwantsthey rejected me as a guest because no one had heard of me and my first book wasn’t going to be on shelves for three months. I didn’t know anyone, so I volunteered, and they put me in the green room. The first author I met was an old-school scifi guy, and when I told him what I wrote, he told me (in front of an audience), that people like me were ruining scifi and I wasn’t worth the sh*t on his shoe. And because I was new and didn’t want to make waves, I just smiled and served him breakfast.
B) I was waiting in the hallway of the Westin at Dragoncon for a late-night panel on Sexy Steampunk. I was wearing a nice, professional dress with cute heels and a handmade corset over it. This guy walked up, and we had the following conversation:
guy: So, what do you do?
me: I’m an author.
guy: *looks me up and down* Yeah, but… what do you DO?
guy: But what else do you do?
me: Um, I’m a mom.
guy: But if you did OTHER THINGS, how much would that be?

Yeah, he thought I was a prostitute and tried to get a price list out of me while I waited to speak on a panel. Sigh.

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Only the Good Die Young coverChris Marie Green
A) One thing I wish I’d known before I attended my first con is that I should be as relaxed as possible. Whether I’m on a panel with Joe Hill or Charlaine Harris, they’re people, too, and I shouldn’t be shy around them.
B) Okay, this isn’t too weird, but it surprised me. My second Vampire Babylon book had just come out,  and the first reader at my signing station was, like, twelve years old. She was my first young reader, and she was jumping up and down and so very excited. All I could think about was how bloody and violent my vamps were and I wanted to ask her if her mom knew she was buying the book, LOL.
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Saturday, March 15, starting at 2:30pm – Tucson Festival of Books

Saturday, May 10, starting at 10am – Mysterious Galaxy, San Diego’s, birthday bash

May 14 – 17 – Romantic Times Convention, New Orleans

July 24 – 27 – Comic-Con, San Diego
Faith Hunter
A) I can’t do it in just one, so I have three: 1609060191_9780451465245_medium_Black_Arts
Be prepared for the smell; some people don’t wash.
Be prepared to miss meals; carry snacks.
Be prepared for rooms that are overheated to sweat-temps and air-conditioned to chill-bump temps; wear layers.
B) I remember the time a big-shot writer literally looked down her nose at me when I tried to introduce myself. Her mouth pursed, her eyebrows rose, and her eyes started at the top of my head and traveled (slowly) down my body to my toes and (slowly) back up. Then she stared at me and didn’t reply. So I laughed and said, (loudly) “Hi! I’m Faith Hunter! Good to meet you!” And held out my hand where everyone could see it. She was forced to acknowledge me because of the other people around me. Good thing I’m thick skinned. And no. I’d never do that to someone else.
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HERO last coverAlethea Kontis
A) Honestly? Nothing. My bookstore manager dragged me to my first convention: Dragon Con, 1996. I had just graduated college. I was equally awestruck and inspired. I wouldn’t change a thing.
B) I was having the best weekend of my life when I slipped and fell into a Giant Pool of Vomit. I was in full costume, and I had only one hour before I was to appear on my very last panel–with Jim Butcher–to a standing room only audience. Thanks to the valiant efforts of the Fairy Godboyfriend, Sir John Hartness, and my unflagging princessly optimism, we made an Epic Tale out of what might otherwise have been an Epic Disaster.
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5 comments to Party Talk – Cons, Part 2

  • Razziecat

    Great stories! I haven’t been able to go to a con for years, but I fondly remember them all, especially the one WorldCon I was able to go to, waaaay back in 1989 🙂

    One of the reasons I hesitate to attend cons these days is that they are so often held in areas that aren’t easy to get to for those of us who don’t drive. I don’t mind taking a Greyhound bus to the city where a con is being held, but getting from the bus terminal to the con venue can be an adventure, and not in a good way. It’s probably nothing that can be changed for most of the big, well established cons, but if anyone out there is thinking of putting on a con, I (as well as others who don’t drive or simply don’t have a car) would be eternally grateful if you’d consider the transportation angle when picking the venue.

  • lol, great stories (not laughing at Delilah’s, that was infuriating) thanks for the stories. My first con was ConCarolinas 3 years ago. I went as press and was terrified about approaching authors for quick interviews. I met Faith there for the first time and I think all I said was “hi, will you sign this”

  • Speaking of weirdness in the con suite…I was once in desperate need of coffee, so I dashed down to the con suite on my way to a panel to fill up my mug. Normally in a con suite, you serve yourself, but this time, there was a man standing in front of the coffee machine. Not talking to anyone, not filling his own cup, just standing. I said, “Excuse me, I need to get some coffee.” He said, “Oh, I’ll do that,” took my mug and filled it up. He then asked if I needed cream or sugar, and it took me two tries to convince him that I really wanted to do that myself. I skedaddled, but later that afternoon when I returned to the suite, there he was, still standing guard over the coffee.

    No one was serving the other drinks or food, and the guy wasn’t even a member of the con committee. Clearly it was just his destiny to serve the coffee. 😀

  • Razziecat

    Misty – it must have been the coffee fairy!! Yay!! 😀

  • Oboy! My first con was WorldCon,San Francisco (a long, long time ago). I felt like Alice, completely lost in Wonderland!

    Best Con Story: Sitting at the bar at a World Fantasy Con and having a complete stranger approach me with a copy of the MZB’s Fantasy Magazine in which my first published story appeared and asking me to autograph it.