Party Talk!


It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life, and I’m feeling… okay, honestly, I’m feeling apprehensive, verging on frightened. So for just a moment, we’re going to pretend like Congress isn’t actively attempting to kill people I care about and have a quick party. Pour yourself a drink, and join the conversation. We asked the authors. “If you were stuck on an island, what three items would you make the situation bearable?”

Faith Hunter
Ibuprofen, a brand new lighter, and hair dye. That’s for Pain, Fire, and Lookin’ Gooood.

Diana Pharaoh Francis
I suppose that depends on how long I was going to be there. For sure, writing implements. If there’s no electricity to charge the computer, then piles of pens and paper. The second thing would have to be heavily loaded kindle. Oh hell, there’s better be electricity. Maybe I could make a charger out of coconuts, bananas and clam shells a la the professor on Gilligan’s Island. And then I think I’d have to have a decent bed. I’m going to assume food is already there. But you know about assuming and so if I’m going to an island, I’m going to find me a magic bag to carry all the things.

Gail Martin
Sunscreen, my Kindle (with an everlasting charge and wifi to order more books) a magically refilling glass of pina colada

John Hartness
A) A fuckton of toilet paper
B) I assume an airplane/teleporter is out, so a copy of the collected Belgariad by David Eddings
C) A Leatherman SuperTool

Melissa Gilbert
How long am I on the island? If it’s a vacation, I’d bring a book, a laptop, and a swimsuit. If I’m stranded, I’d bring rum and giraffe in a bikini.

Tamsin Silver
Does this island have electricity?
If so, my computer, my dog, and my big research book on the Lincoln County War by Frederick Nolan.
If not, a no-power-needed typewriter, paper, and my dog.

Misty Massey
My iPod and my Kindle (with everlasting charges – hey, it’s a fantasy island!), and shampoo. I can’t stand my hair to be dirty.


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  • Razziecat

    Pain pills yay. Booze yay. Kindle & never-ending charge yay. But I think MY personal three items would be coffee, chocolate and wine! 😀