Party Talk!


Our little party is recovering from the holiday and prepping for another one, so I passed around the bloody marys and asked them all:

Which mythical creature do you wish existed in real life?

Gail Martin:
Woodland creatures that do your dishes when you sing.

Tamsin Silver:
Depends if you’re talking actual mythology or anything in fantasy. If you mean the former: Pegasus. If you mean the later: Vampires (if they have a soul and stuff), duh… 😉

John Hartness:
Elves. Pointy ears are hot.

Edmund Schubert:
Fair, honest politicians. (At this point I’d settle for a politician who wasn’t batcrap crazy. mm)

Misty Massey:
When I was a kid, I always liked to sit outside as quietly as I could, in the hope that the fae would reveal themselves. So far, I haven’t lucked out.

Melissa Gilbert:
I’m going to go with gnomes. My dad really likes gnomes, and I’d love for him to see a real one.

R S Belcher:
A politician who isn’t full of bullshit. (Here, have a set on the couch with Edmund.*laughs*)

Diana Pharaoh Francis:
Anne McCaffrey’s fire lizards


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