Party Talk!


We’re back with some more wacky comments from our authors! This week, we handed everyone a glass of their beverage of choice and asked, “If you were required to spend one year of your life in either the past or the future, what year would you choose, and why?”

Tamsin Silver
If it has to be in my lifetime, I’d go back to the year at Western Michigan University when I could still sing and had my first lead in a rock and roll musical at The Civic. It would be fun to not just do that show again, but to see those people once more, and to be able to sing again. It was a fun year! I think it was 1991-92 school year.

Edmund Schubert
I’d like to go to next year, because I’m always convinced that no matter how much this year has sucked, next year will be better!

Diana Pharaoh Francis
I think I’d go to the future. Get there the year we get our first alien delegation. I’d want to be part of the people who get to be in contact with them

John Hartness
A year in the future writing down Powerball numbers.

Misty Massey
I often think I’d like to go into the past and fix my mistakes, but then I worry about how drastically that might change the life I have now. The pain of my past is bearable as long as I have the love of my family now. At the moment, I think I’d probably want to go into the future about five years, just to see if we survived all this. And copy down a MegaMillions number or two. John’s got the Powerball covered.

R S Belcher
I don’t look backward any more than I have to. I would like to look ahead, see, maybe a few hundred years into the future, and see what humanity looks like then, and how we overcame our problems, and see what the new problems we have to solve are.

Gail Martin
Last year was pretty good. I might take a do-over. No big surprises. I’m risk-averse.

Melissa Gilbert
78AD, in Pompeii. I’d like to see it at its height.


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