Party Talk!


Hey y’all, we’re back again with another Party Talk round! Raise your glasses and join the fun!

This week, we asked our marvelous authors, “A penguin wearing a sombrero walks through the door. What does he say and why is he here?”

John Hartness
“Where’s the party?” He’s holding a bottle of tequila and a sack of limes. What do you think he’s there for?

Gail Martin
Y más, mucho más que esto, Lo hice a mi manera. And he sounds a lot like Robin Williams. He’s trick-or-treating. (Maybe you had to see the movie)

R S Belcher
He is my power animal, and he says “Diapositiva.”

Melissa Gilbert
“I am the representative of the conquistadors. I shall turn you all to toads, which I will then race and dress in pearls and lace. You will submit to my demands for I am the whole taco.”

Edmund Schubert
Who put this stupid fucking hat on my head? I want to know, and I want to know right now!

Tamsin Silver
He says, “I’m ready for New Mexico, when are we leaving!?”
One of my best friends and now ex-roommate, collects penguin everything…so my thought would be she sent him as my guardian of travel for my move (that I’m hoping happens before end of year).

Misty Massey
He doesn’t have a chance to say anything before my niece flings her arms around him and abducts him to her room to be dressed in princess clothes. Which, of course, go magnificently with the sombrero.

Diana Pharoah Francis
He’s come onto a cruise ship. The humans visit his house, so he’s visiting there. The sombrero is a disguise.


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