Party Talk!


Welcome back to the Party! Pour yourself a drink and join the conversation. The writers are all answering the question, “What’s one way you’ve always wanted to kill off a character, but haven’t been able to use in a story yet?”

Faith Hunter
I’ve killed off characters in every way except dropping them out of a plane or shooting them out of the space station. I’ll likely never do the space station one, but watch for the bouncer…. It’s coming.

Diana Pharaoh Francis
Attacked and killed by were-pigs. Actually, I tend to find ways to kill people creatively as I desire to kill them, so I don’t usually come up with ways to kill in advance. In a just finished book, I killed someone by dropping gargoyles with giant penises on her. Yes. I did that.

Gail Martin
I’ve pretty much indulged all my fantasies—have you noticed the body count in my books?

Misty Massey
By some virulent disease. I’m a big fan of pandemics. Ebola! Ebola! Ebola!

Melissa Gilbert
Being smothered by an overly affectionate cat.

Darin Kennedy
Immolation, but it’s coming…

Alexandra Christian
I’ve always wanted to have a killer use one of those captive bolt guns like they use on cattle. Ever see No Country For Old Men?


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