Party Talk!


The weather’s changing, the flowers are blooming, and the writers are starting to emerge from their winter cocoons. Everyone has a drink, and we’re answering the question, “What kind of music do you listen to when you write? (If you prefer to write in silence, then what kind of music do you listen to in the car?)”

Faith Hunter
I sometimes listen to Country. But usually nothing except talk radio — NPR.

Gail Z Martin
Depends on the mood. For writing—mostly classical, smooth jazz, New Age. In the car—classic rock, Top 40, Sinatra, Buffett.

Melissa Gilbert
I like to listen to thunderstorms when I write. In the car, I have had Lady Gaga’s new album on heavy repeat. I’m also fairly fond of 60s and 70s protest songs.

Misty Massey
I don’t listen to music when I write. I have, in the past – managed to write a first draft while listening to Andres Segovia playing Bach. But after a decade of dance training, I find my thoughts dragged to choreography if I try and write with music playing. But I hate silence. So I turn the television to some random channel and let it run. The voices become white noise, and I can make words. Plus the shows end, which reminds me to get up and move around every hour.
In the car I listen to podcasts. Oh, so many podcasts…

Darrin Kennedy
When I write, it’s either silence or classical. Anything with words is too distracting.

Diana Pharaoh Francis
All kinds. I start not hearing the words in a pretty short time, so it’s just what sort of mood I’m in at the moment. Sometimes hard rock, hair bands, seventies rock, movie scores, operas, Mumford and Sons–Pretty much anything but rap. And dance music. That never blows my dress up either.

Alexandra Christian
I have complicated playlists for every story/ novella/ novel that I’m working on. Often the playlist is like a preliminary outline of the story, so the genre of music varies. For weird western, I have a playlist of old and outlaw country– the darker the better. For Sherlock Holmes, I have Victorian chamber music mixed with some goth, some steampunk, and Britpop. Doesn’t everyone do this??!!


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