Party Talk!


A number of us enjoyed the television show “Hunted” (featuring writer Myke Cole!) One of the joys of that show was realizing how foolishly the fugitives were behaving. So I’ve asked our writers to answer this question: You’re a fugitive on the run! What is one thing you’d do to make sure no one could find you?

Faith Hunter
Keep enough cash on hand to make a clean getaway. And steal new plates about ten times.

Gail Z Martin
Ditch my cell phone!

Melissa McArthur
I would disguise myself as a fugitive on the run and land a starring role in a movie about a fugitive on the run… oh, who am I kidding? The last time I went to the movies, my fellow movie-goers wanted to sit in better seats than the ones we bought, and I panicked the whole time. I’ll never end up a fugitive on the run.

Darin Kennedy
I just finished watching Hunted and if there’s one thing I learned… no phone calls.

Misty Massey
If I managed to find sanctuary on a boat, I’d stay belowdecks no matter how pretty the weather. And I would definitely not come out to check if that noise might be a drone.

Alexandra Christian
Get a long red trenchcoat. It worked for Carmen Sandiego.

Diana Pharaoh Francis
Go off the grid. Which means I’d have to take refuge near a library or in a library or under a library or something.


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