Party Talk!


We’re all at different points on our life journeys, but every single one of us is an adult and has lived through some serious stuff. Today the writers are kicked back with a good bottle of bourbon and talking about what they would tell their younger selves, if they had the chance.

Misty Massey
You’re 21 and just out of college. Start writing now. Don’t wait until life has a chance to beat you into believing you can’t. (And while you’re at it, you might want to reconsider the friends you’re hanging with right now. Trust me.)

Edmund Schubert
Don’t do it! Run! Or else do it 100%. But don’t ever waste your time half-assing it.

Gail Z Martin
Start sooner and hang in there—it finally does happen.

Melissa McArthur
It’d be okay to move to New York. Go for the internships. Make your career in publishing, not education.

Tamsin Silver
There’s three things that hit me right away:
1) Stop sitting on that book you wrote and do something with it!
2) Join a writers group!
3) Stop thinking your imagination isn’t good enough to entertain people.

I still fight with number 3…

John Hartness
“No matter how much she breaks your heart, don’t stop.” if I hadn’t taken a ten-year hiatus from writing, I wonder where I would be today, career-wise.

Diana Pharaoh Francis
I’d tell myself to write more. That I’m capable of thousands of words at a time and to just have a good time and write while I don’t have the demands of kids and the rest of life.

Faith Hunter
“Girl. Save every penny you make from your writing. Scrimp and pinch and save! Life gets harder. And — you are doing what you love, so stop bitching.”


1 comment to Party Talk!

  • sagablessed

    Bitch please. No matter how old or young you are….
    Do it!!
    Young or old or ancient……. Do it. You have always felt it.
    Make the dreams in your head words, that others might see the joy in not only in your works, but their own.
    Share. Because that is what writing is about. To share the dream and how others inspire more.
    Third is the writers heaven.
    I dreamed of something wonderful. I shared. Your turn.
    Together we make life better