Party Talk!


Spring is springing, and deadlines are…well, alive and kicking, thanks. But our writers took a moment to sip mimosas and answer the question, “What is your writing kryptonite?”

Diana Pharaoh Francis
Uuuummmm. I am. No getting around it, which is obviously an interesting problem for me to have.

Misty Massey
Household chores like dishes or laundry. If there is a chore that will take a short amount of time to do, I will almost always tell myself that I should do that before sitting down to write. I don’t even like doing laundry!

Tamsin Silver
Migraines. Even a mild one removes the ability for me to write words in coherent sentences. I can do artistic stuff, just not with words.

Melissa McArthur
Software. Really. I know I am procrastinating if I start debating the merits and flaws between Word and Pages and Scrivener and Google Docs.

Faith Hunter
Deadlines. Used to love them. Now they just stress me out.

Gail Z Martin
Being too tired. After a certain point, words don’t string together well.

John Hartness
I dunno. For productivity, Borderlands is my latest kryptonite. The thing I have the worst time with is descriptions. I tend to write in a white box and have to go back in and fill out the setting later.

Edmund Schubert
Tuna fish. But I don’t like to talk about it; it’s very embarrassing.The pizza always ends up soggy.


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