Party Talk!


Wow! It’s thundering and lightning pretty hard outside, so the writers are indoors, having a drink and answering the question, “The publisher is sending you on a book tour! What is the one thing you insist be included in your tour agreement?”

John Hartness
I’ll get to the city, but somebody else has to drive me around in the city. I hate finding parking in strange cities.

Gail Z Martin
If it’s assumed in ‘sending you’ that travel expenses are covered, I’d like dinner each night at a restaurant where I can get decent vegetables!

Faith Hunter
Can’t do it in one. I have two: Dedicated driver at each stop. Beer.

Misty Massey
Like Gail, I would insist on daily access to fresh fruit and veggies. I learned the hard way at a Worldcon years ago, and while having digestive issues is unpleasant at home, it’s a Clive-Barker-level nightmare in a hotel.

Tamsin Silver
That they pay for transportation (car rental if it’s drivable or a flight if not) and accommodations.

Melissa McArthur
Hmmm… grapes. Green ones, specifically.
(Ed: I couldn’t agree more, Melissa. Green grapes are vital to my happy continuance.)

Diana Pharaoh Francis
A guide. And by that I mean someone who will pick me up and get me wherever I’m going and go to interesting places and food in between and who is funny and entertaining and will keep chocolate on hand for emergencies.

Edmund Schubert
Words. Without any words, it’s very difficult to know what’s in the agreement. Preferably they should be written down, because an audiobook version of the tour agreement would just be weird.


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